A Detail Guide On Free Infographic Template

A Detail Guide On Free Infographic Template

Written by Moli Mishra, In How To, Published On
August 18, 2023

Infographics are a great way to share information about your products while keeping your potential buyers engaged. As the name suggests, Infographic templates are graphics designed to share information. They are designed with a  combination of charts, graphs, images, typography, and text information. As infographics templates have multiple elements, they typically require a lot of time and effort to be created from scratch. Often, it is challenging to find all these elements separately and put them into an infographic template. Nevertheless, infographics have become a popular choice in eCommerce across all product categories. Your products can come to life through their in-depth representation on infographic templates.

Get started with a free infographic template

free infographic template

Whether you’re creating an A+ listing on Amazon or a how-to-use step-by-step guide for your product, find the perfect starting point from a range of free infographic templates available on the DoMyShoot Design Studio. All of our infographic templates come preloaded with contextual backgrounds, icons, and text, so you never need to start from scratch. In other words, it’s easy to get started and modify an infographic template until it’s just like the design you had in mind.

Add custom images and text to showcase product information or size charts. Use the brand kit to apply your brand colors, fonts, and logos to make the infographic template your own. Pick from our library of custom stickers to reflect a variety of themes and trends. Explore our product-centric backgrounds and add an extra layer of professionalism to any creative design to showcase the best of your product. With DoMyShoot there are countless ways to customize an infographic template with no design skills.

Create infographics in minutes

With DoMyShoot’s selection of professionally designed infographic templates for eCommerce, anyone can create an infographic in no time. Start by choosing an infographic template that catches your eye and customize it to suit your needs with our easy-to-use Design Studio. Create as many infographics as you need and access fresh infographic templates for your product category every week.

Though you can customize our infographic templates for any product category, they’re designed keeping in mind specific eCommerce product categories and their needs. Design it for your own needs with easily customizable, high-engagement infographic templates. Ensure that the information you share is retained and not just consumed by your buyers.

Can one make an infographic for free with DoMyShoot?

Yes, absolutely! DoMyShoot offers all its creative designs including infographic templates entirely for free to all DoMyShoot Premium users. Once you create an account, DoMyShoot is always free, so you can jump right in, make an infographic or play around with a background. No matter what layout, style, or format you’re looking for, you’ll find there’s no better selection when it comes to infographic templates — and no better choice when it comes to designing creative for online selling.

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