Samsung TU7000 TV Review

Samsung TU7000 TV Review

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Gadgets, Published On
May 13, 2023
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The Samsung TU700D is an affordable 4K smart TV with respectable performance and impressive extras. This TV is notable for its excellent contrast ratio, negligible input lag, and cutting-edge Tizen operating system. This TV has terrible viewing angles, which is a major drawback. I’ll be doing a comprehensive breakdown of the Samsung TU700D’s features and specs. To that end, I shall provide a high-level overview of the TV’s design, display, ports and connectivity, smart capabilities, and audio components.

Samsung TU7000 TV  Specs

Brand Name Samsung
Resolution 4K UHD
Display Technology LED
Upscaling Technology 4k UHD
Digital Clean View YES
Eco Sensor YES
Mobile to TV – Mirroring, DLNA YES


  • The high degree of contrast
  • Slim bezels, low input lag
  • OS Tizen HDR
  • Quite an easy setup


  • Irritating advertisements are built into the OS.
  • Bad viewpoints
  • A limited number of ports


Samsung TU7000 TV Review

The Samsung TU700D features an exquisitely sophisticated and thoroughly contemporary look and feel. To begin, this TV has the thinnest bezels I’ve ever seen around a screen. More specifically, these bezels’ width is only 0.35 inches. They are also all plastic and have a sophisticated matte black appearance.

Unfortunately, Samsung could not include its logo for brand recognition due to the extremely thin bezels. The Samsung TU700D’s overall design, including the thin bezels, is advantageous. This TV weighs 13879.9 g and has dimensions of 1386.8 x 60.9 x 843.2 mm (width x depth x height). This Samsung TV weighs less and occupies less space than the LG 55SK8000PVA. Specifically, the LG 55SK8000PVA has the following dimensions and weight: 1237 x 248.4 x 794 mm (width x depth x height).

However, the Samsung TU700D’s slim and discreet design should ensure that it fits inconspicuously when mounted on a wall. The television has four 200 x 200 mm VESA-compatible mounting holes on the back panel for wall installation. This TV has V-shaped feet if you’d rather not mount it on the wall.


Samsung TU7000 TV Review

The Samsung TU7000 has a wide range of available screen sizes, much like the entry-level models from other major TV makers. The base model (which I tried) features a 43-inch display and sells for $399.99. The largest screen size available in this set is 82 inches, and costs $1,399.99. Even though the Samsung TU7000 I tried was the cheapest and smallest model available, it still offered a robust set of features and performed admirably in my tests. The HDR functionality, 2 HDMI connections, and Tizen OS are all on par with the larger models. Therefore, regardless of the size you buy, you can anticipate performance that is consistent with our own.


Samsung TU7000 TV Review

Two 20-watt 2-channel speakers are built into the Samsung TU700D. You can fill a large space with sound from these speakers, and the sound quality is superb. Furthermore, the speakers are able to make intelligible conversation. Dialogue, in case you were wondering, is the spoken exchange between characters in a film or TV show. The TU700D would have benefitted greatly with a subwoofer, but Samsung omitted one.

A short definition: a subwoofer is a special kind of loudspeaker designed to provide extremely low-frequency bass. Therefore, the Samsung TU700D might not be able to produce sufficient bass due to the lack of a subwoofer. As a result, movies with a lot of low-frequency bass are not recommended for home viewing.  However, a soundbar can be purchased alongside the TV to improve the bass. The Samsung TU700D has Dolby Audio, which means the speakers can produce a more enveloping sound.


Samsung TU7000 TV Review

The Samsung TU700D has a limited selection of inputs and outputs. The ports are inconveniently hidden behind the TV in a vertical panel. Therefore, the Samsung TU700D’s ports are inconveniently located if wall-mounted. Now that we’ve established let’s discuss the TV’s available ports. To begin, there are only two HDMI inputs on the TV, only one of which is ARC (Audio Return Channel) compatible.

Therefore, you should be able to hook up a soundbar to the Samsung TU700D by using that specific HDMI port that supports ARC. This TV features HDMI ports and Ethernet, USB, and RF connections. The TV also has a digital optical audio output, a nice bonus. Meanwhile, the Samsung TU700D has built-in 802.11 ac WIFI and Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless connections.


Samsung TU7000 TV Review

The Samsung TU7000 TV’s 4K upscaling and HDR performance are the main selling points, followed by its affordable price. Unlike the greatest Samsung TVs, this one lacks Dolby Vision. The visual quality is excellent, even if your TV is several years old. Having just examined several high-end TVs, I approached my informal testing with a more critical eye.

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, I noticed the knitted texture of Spidey’s outfit against the marble Washington Monument while he kept watch. The following action sequence maintained its accuracy as well, with no artifacts. As Peter Parker was catapulted from the obelisk over the rotors of a hovering helicopter and back through the window of the Monument, I noticed only slight blurring.

However, the colors on his famous red suit didn’t look as good as they usually do. Even though it’s supposed to be more of a mature crimson, it looked slightly orange and cartoonish. Although there is a slight vignette around the picture’s borders, I was relieved that the same scene’s blue sky did not reproduce in bands.

The blacks on the Samsung TU7000 TV aren’t quite as impressive as they would be on the greatest OLED TVs or even the best QLED TVs because the dimming technology isn’t as advanced. The darkest areas of every scene should be inky and purposefully shadowy, not a blob of dark greys if I’m going to enjoy a film or television show. These photos turned out much more complex only when I blacked out my living room.

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