Fujitsu UH-X 12th Gen Intel Evo Core i7 Laptop

Fujitsu UH-X 12th Gen Intel Evo Core i7 Laptop

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November 11, 2023
Last modified on November 13th, 2023

Those seeking a fast hybrid business laptop can consider the Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1. We tried a device that costs over Rs 1 lakh, but a lower-spec version with all the same capabilities costs just Rs 86,990. The Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1 performs well in daily use, portability, design, build quality, and pricing.

A detailed review of the Fujitsu UH-X thin and light 11th Gen Core I7 (2021)

OS Windows 11
Utility Business, Performance
Thickness 17 mm
Weight 878 g
Connectivity Ethernet (LAN), HDMI, Multi Card Reader
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Display 13.3 inches
Warranty 2 Year Warranty

Most of the time, Japanese engineering is superior. My 2020 Suzuki IGNIS is refined and durable. When Fujitsu sent me its “made-in-Japan” laptop, I was fascinated and enthusiastic. The 2-in-1 convertible laptop has a touch screen and a 360-degree hinge. Fujitsu wants to sell its laptop’s sturdy build, touch screen, great performance, and many features. After using it, the Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1 convertible meets all my needs. This general all-rounder machine has several drawbacks after prolonged use. Learn all about the Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1 convertible notebook.

Performance of the Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1 convertible laptop

Fujitsu UH-X 12th Gen Intel Evo Core i7 Laptop

The Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1 convertible works well. A powerful 11th-generation Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor with 4 cores and 8 threads powers it. It uses Intel’s newest 10nm technology and has more transistors than before. Thus, this improvement will be noticeable while booting up, dismissing, or opening apps, browser tabs, etc. Even with numerous tabs and windows open, the laptop is fast. I conducted some benchmarks and compared the results with other laptops to get a better idea of this laptop’s Intel Core i7-1165G7 CPU. The Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1 scored 1773 in Cinebench R20, which is high for an Intel CPU. The ASUS Expertbook B9400, which employs the same chip, scores similarly.

The scores may differ owing to heat concerns. The UH-X-X-in-1’s magnesium alloy chassis is outstanding for build quality; however, it doesn’t cool well. Although the temperature is consistent under typical use, it soared to over 95°C numerous times during benchmarking and reached almost 100°C in other tests.

Fujitsu UH-X 2-IN-1 Convertible: Battery Life

Fujitsu UH-X 12th Gen Intel Evo Core i7 Laptop

The tests let me understand the Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1 laptop. It appears to prioritise efficiency to maximise daily task performance. To corroborate my notion, I ran a battery test on the laptop for Microsoft Office, which I expect to use most. The laptop has a 50-watt battery. My idea was confirmed by an overnight test revealing the Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1’s 9h, 58m battery life. With a fully charged laptop at 100%, the benchmark concluded automatically at 5% battery charge. Thus, laptop’s idle battery life would be longer. With approximately 10 hours of battery life, the Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1 convertible can handle daily chores. The laptop offers USB Type C and standard charging ports. Fully charging at 16% takes 1.5 hours. In crises, your smartphone can reverse charge your Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1 convertible laptop. The laptop battery % slowly decreases when idle.

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Japanese UH-X 2-in-1 convertible display

Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1 convertible laptop with 13.3″ 60Hz FHD IPS anti-glare screen The laptop display is rated at 400 nits by Fujitsu. We found the laptop’s peak brightness to be about 350 nits. I usually kept the laptop’s screen brightness at 75%. The screen is readable under high studio lights, and while I didn’t test this laptop in the sun, I think it would be fine outside with a good anti-glare panel if you’re not sitting directly under the sun. The 13.3-inch display is appealing. No fingerprints usually stick to it. Its matte finish makes touch-screen use smooth.

Fujitsu UH-X 2-IN-1 Keyboard, Trackpad, I/O, Speakers, Camera

Fujitsu says it carefully built its laptop’s keyboard, trackpad, and I/O. It is partially correct. The UH-X 2-in-1 convertible laptop has concave keys with a 19mm key pitch and a 1.5mm stroke length. Meaning the keys are satisfying to press and intuitively placed for typing. My only keyboard complaint is the arrow key location. The four of them are close to the PageUp and PageDown keys, and I often go to the end of the page when I only want to move to the next line while editing a document. The trackpad has left and right-click buttons, which I like. The trackpad is smaller, though. Mostly, I used the UH-X 2-in-1 without a mouse. The trackpad worked well throughout the morning rush when I had to resize and edit multiple photographs and switch pages.

Design and build quality Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1 convertible

Fujitsu UH-X 12th Gen Intel Evo Core i7 Laptop

The Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1 is well-built. The laptop’s magnesium alloy chassis is non-flexible. Typing is better on the sticky deck. The laptop’s lid and other sections have the same gripping finish. Along with its 997-gram weight, the Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1 is lightweight and portable. The laptop includes elastic resin on all four corners for extra protection. Being clumsy, I often drop or scratch my equipment, so it was helpful. Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1 laptops stand out in design. It’s thin like other laptops in this market but feels stronger, has an all-black matte finish, and is discreet.

Officially, the Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1 can handle 35 kg of single-point pressure and 200 kg of entire surface pressure. Officially, the Fujitsu laptop can survive a 76-cm plunge. I didn’t test these claims, but the build quality suggests I should trust Fujitsu. The laptop’s 360-degree hinge is tight, so you need two hands to open the lid. Fujitsu recognizes the UH-X 2-in-1 laptop will be used in multiple ways; therefore, a strong hinge is needed.

Price for the Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1 convertible

The Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1 laptop costs $1,07,990 and contains an Intel Core i7-1165G7, 16GB LPDDR4X RAM, and 1TB SSD.

  Quality construction Speaker output is poor.
Long-lasting battery Some heating issues
Excellent keyboard-trackpad combo


The Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1 outperforms competitors in build quality and features. Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1 accomplishes everything well, with a few exceptions. I don’t believe purchasers in this category would mind these oddities because they’re receiving a simple, well-functioning laptop. The Fujitsu UH-X 2-in-1 convertible laptop is a superb business laptop because to its long battery life, several I/O ports, and strong structure. The business laptop will last you years and be worth your money, even though it doesn’t have a strong CPU for editing.


  1. What are the Fujitsu UH-X 12th Gen Intel Evo Core i7’s main specs?

For processor, RAM, storage, display, and other characteristics, visit the Fujitsu website or product literature.

  1. Can Fujitsu UH-X RAM and storage be upgraded?

The user manual or Fujitsu support can tell you if RAM and storage can be upgraded.

  1. Which OS does the Fujitsu UH-X use?

Check if the laptop runs Windows and its version.

  1. What is Fujitsu UH-X battery life?

Usage and parameters affect battery life. Check product literature or user reviews for battery performance.

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