Acer Extensa 15: An Honest Review

Acer Extensa 15: An Honest Review

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November 5, 2023

The Acer Extensa 15 Lightweight EX215-54 Laptop with Intel Core i5-1135G7/8GB/512GB SSD and Windows 11 is a popular laptop. Multitask and finish work swiftly with the laptop’s Intel Core i5-1135G7 2.4 GHz processor. Small and light, this laptop fits in your backpack. The 23.8 x 36.3 x 2 cm Acer Extensa 15 Lightweight EX215-54 Laptop with Intel Core i5-1135G7/8GB/512GB SSD and Windows 11 weighs 1.7 kg. The Acer Extensa 15 Lightweight EX215-54 Laptop Intel Core i5-1135G7/8GB/512GB SSD/Windows 11 boasts a sturdy, full-length, ergonomic keyboard for extended workdays. The laptop has a good Li-Ion.

The Acer Extensa 15 EX215-54 Laptop (11th Gen Core i3/ 8GB/ 512GB SSD/ Win11 Home) costs Rs. 33,999 in India. As of September 15, 2023, Flipkart India has the lowest price. See the specs and characteristics of the Acer Extensa 15 EX215-54 laptop (11th Gen Core i3, 8GB, 512GB SSD, Win11 Home).

Acer Extensa 15 Specs

Display Size15.6 Inches
Resolution1920 x 1080 Pixels
Display TypeLED
FeaturesFull HD Anti-glare Display
Weight1.7 KG
Dimension23.8 x 36.3 x 2 cm
OSWindows 11
Clock Speed2.4 GHz


Acer Extensa 15

In addition to its tremendous processing power and always-ready Windows 11, the Acer Extensa 15 (i5) is thinner and lighter than before, making it ideal for students and working professionals. You can choose from 10 combination-based laptops of the same model, including the Acer Extensa 15, a budget laptop for fast and easy computing for students and professionals. It has decent performance, extreme portability, and good looks.


Given its 1.7 kg weight and portability, the Acer Extensa 15 feels like a personal laptop, which surprised me. Since it’s entry-level, buyers can imagine using it for something other than school or work. They may be altering photos or videos. The new Acer Extensa 15 is still composed of black plastic and has the Acer logo on the back of the display. It looks good. The sleek chassis of the Acer Extensa 15 is thinner and lighter than before, at less than 20mm.

Performance and output

Acer Extensa 15

After using the Acer Extensa 15 for a week, I have some thoughts. The review machine has a redeemed i5 CPU, 8 GB of RAM, and 512 GB of PCIe SSD storage. A 15.6-inch touchscreen, a one-year guarantee, and Windows 11 are included. The laptop comes with free Microsoft Word and Excel for life, a strategically placed Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) antenna, and MU-MIMO for a stable wireless signal. Let’s try it after the specs. It has an 8-hour battery life. As I mentioned, this is an entry-level laptop that performs well with browsing, MS Office, and Excel sheets. I also used Windows 11, which is useful. The 512GB SSD storage and Core i5 Intel processor improve my work time on tasks like video editing in Filmora and Camtasia, and it supports Photoshop applications well.

OS, RAM, and Storage

Acer Extensa 15

Windows 11 Home pre-installed on the laptop makes it more productive and boosts passion for the device. Additionally, 8 GB of integrated RAM, 4 GB of onboard DDR4 system memory, and a 512 GB SSD help you store and share important projects and multitask, and you get regular OS updates and can expand RAM and storage as needed.


The Core i5-1135G7 is a typical 2020 mid-range laptop processor from Intel. With four processing cores, the i5-1135G7 is more powerful than the dual-core i3-1115G4 from the same 11th-gen Core G-series. This Intel mid-range CPU lets you access and turn on the laptop in seconds. The Core i5-1135G7: excellent for programming? Programmers like i5s since they’re strong and fast. They’re great for coding, gaming, and business productivity. High-end CPUs make any computer speedy and efficient.


Intel Iris Xe Graphics is an entry-level GPU that can perform graphical tasks and high-end gaming as well as 8K HDR with 4x4K HDR; however, it is a mid-range GPU compared to Nvidia GPUs. You can use this Intel Iris Xe Graphics laptop if you want a lightweight one that supports PC gaming and graphics materials.

Battery, Charge

As a student or business professional travelling, you may not always be able to find charging ports, so choose a battery-based laptop like the Acer Extensa 15, which has an 8-hour battery backup and average charging speed.

Compliant with

Acer Extensa 15

The Acer Extensa 15 is a personal laptop designed for surfing and light work for students and business professionals. Due to its 15.6-inch mid-sized display and 8-hour battery backup, this tablet is ideal for travel.


The 15.6-inch laptop stays cool. Two stress test locations recorded temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. Every day (at the office and on the internet), the temperature is green. No worries about CPU temperature. On the first stress test (Prime95 and Furmark run for at least an hour), the CPU runs at 3.1 to 3.5 GHz. Additionally, rates dip between 1.4 and 2.1 GHz. The graphics core runs at 1,100–1,300 MHz. Please be aware that our stress test is rigorous. We test system stability under full load using this.


Can the Acer Extensa 15’s RAM be upgraded?

Yes, you can upgrade it up to 20GB to increase RAM capacity, which is enough for most uses.

Which is better, the Acer Aspire or the Extensa?

Both are good by their standards, but the Acer Aspire is a decent and stable laptop with a powerful CPU and GPU. The lightweight Acer Extensa has an 8-hour battery backup to eliminate charging stress. Finally, both devices are from the same brand, have different usage perspectives, and serve different objectives.

What is the standard warranty for this product? It will load which version of Microsoft Office?

Standard 1-year warranty. Since MS Office wasn’t included, you had to install it.

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