Sony MDR-XB450AP: Review

Sony MDR-XB450AP: Review

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Headset, Published On
October 3, 2023

Sony is known for making high-quality, easy-to-use headphones. Sony MDR XB450AP headphones demonstrate this. These headphones are light, comfy, and have a strong bass response for around $50. However, they aren’t right for everyone, as I’ll discuss in this review. These headphones cost around $50 and produce more bass than headphones that cost twice as much.

Sony MDR-XB450AP Specification

Type On Ear
Weight 165 G
Frequency Response 5-22,000 Hz
Cord Length 1.2 m
Closed Type Yes
Driver Unit 30 mm dynamic – Dome type
Cord Type Y-type
Microphone Omni directional
Impedance (Ohm) 24 Ω at 1 kHz


The stylish XB450 comes in black, red, blue, white, or yellow. Its 1.2-meter flat cable ends in a right-angle 3.5 mm connector. Each earcup has this cable. The cable has an in-line microphone for gaming or calling. They fit better because the earcups can rotate left or right. This allows them to lay flat on your chest when worn over your neck and makes them easy to pack away when used portable. A tiny air inlet on top of each ear cup boosts bass. A headband click-and-turn device adjusts headphone size. The headband isn’t cushioned, but it’s wide enough to keep the headphones’ weight off your crown, preventing pain. The sturdy plastic headband can bend and flex without breaking. These headphones are well-built for their price, despite looking like plastic.

Features and Setup

Sony MDR-XB450AP

The headphones have a mic for talking on Skype or the phone. It’s a decent mic. As the microphone degrades, people may have trouble hearing you sometimes. It has a remote control and microphone embedded into the cable so you can take calls without taking them off. This model uses an in-line remote that works with iPhones, iPads, Android, and BlackBerry smartphones. If you have an Android smartphone, you can install the Smart Key program to customize the Sony MDR-XB450AP headphones’ in-line remote. Change the buttons to skip tracks or rewind music.


Sony MDR-XB450AP

Comfort sets the XB450 apart from comparable on-ear headphones. They fit well due to enough compression. They won’t cause “hot spots” or other head pain because they’re lightweight and comfortable. The foam padding feels luxurious on the user’s ears. The padding is strong enough to keep its shape and not press against your ears after lengthy wear. As the padding compresses, you can feel the plastic shell underneath, which becomes increasingly irritating as you wear the headphones. The XB450 won’t have that issue. They stay comfy hour after hour, letting you listen to music for longer. If you don’t like on-ear headphones or have sensitive ears, these may get uncomfortable after a few hours. Unlike other on-ear headphones, these are comfortable.

Noise Isolation

These on-ear headphones shut out environmental noise better than others. They perform better than Beats Solo. so you can hear your music in noisy environments. They leak little sound, so you may dial up the volume without bothering others.

Sound Quality

Sony MDR-XB450AP

For headphones around $50, the sound quality is excellent. The bass stands out here. C The bass is low, powerful, and well-emphasized, making the sound broader without dominating the mids and highs. If you appreciate low-bass music, grab these. Dance, electronic, EDM, rap, and hip-hop can help you connect with music. These headphones allow you to hear the deep bass sounds that make this genre great. Watching movies or playing video games after a loud blast or quiet rumble is therapeutic. These headphones enhance the experience compared to others. Mids are subdued and laid-back. Experience peaks are similar. If you don’t change the EQ, the mids and highs have adequate detail, and the voices seem authentic, but they sound weak without processing. However, increasing the mids and highs in the equalizer will bring these sounds to life. These headphones are great for bassheads who want to feel the bass.

Compared To Others

These headphones sound cleaner and have better bass than the Beats Solo HD. The Solo HDs sound one-dimensional, but the XB450 has greater clarity, especially in the low end. In contrast to other on-ear headphones in the same price range, they stand out due to their impressive bass output while maintaining a high quality of sound throughout the frequency range. You’ll love these headphones if you favor the more compact design of on-ear headphones and deep, punchy bass.

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