What Happened To The Hoo Haa Headphones?

What Happened To The Hoo Haa Headphones?

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December 17, 2022

What happened to famous Hoo Haa headphones after Shark Tank

The world is advancing day by day, and increasingly sophisticated technologies are being developed everywhere. Technology is the world’s future. There are countless goods to cover, but headphones will be the focus of this discussion. Hoo Haa headphones are among the many headphones available in the world. They are very well-known headphones. Capital M is the manufacturer of headphones. He founded the Australian shark tank. He granted his employer a 20% discount, resulting in a price of only $100 for their organisation.

Why are Hoo Haa headphones outstanding?

The excellent quality of Hoo Haa headphones solves a common problem for a large number of individuals. Because Hoo-Haa headphones are wireless, they are the superior product. It is a new, high-quality pair of headphones, which explains why they are selling hotcakes on the market. Capital M is the ideal individual who collaborates with sound designers to provide an exceptional and flawless product for the market. He is the best for sharks, which is why they gave him up to thirty dollars for his business, and he has a demand for them, for whom he played the drums.

Features of Hoo-Haa Headphones

  • Waterproof

Hoo Haa headphones are an excellent choice for music lovers who wish to protect their ears. During concerts and other events, you can use them without worrying about tangled cables. They are also efficient in the gym. The founder of the company, Capital M, is a drummer who was bored with his headphones’ tangled connections. To retract the wire, he devised a mechanism requiring only a single button press. The company has already secured US and Australian patent commissions in order to licence its technology to enterprises in these industries.

The company offers a variety of waterproof Hoo Haa headphones, including the popular IP57 versions. However, they are costly. They cost about $180 a pair but are well worth it. The quality of the headphones is exceptional. Sound quality and battery life are both good. They do not degrade the sound quality of your music and include excellent noise-cancelling technology.

  • Built-In Microphone

A built-in microphone in the Hoo Haa waterproof headphones enables you to listen to your surroundings without having to glance at your phone. People who want to wear headphones in wet weather may want to investigate these waterproof options. They are also really cosy to wear.

  • Retractable Cord

Utilizing a pair of Hoo Haa headphones with a retractable cord allows you to enjoy your music without the hassle of tangled connections. The wire automatically retracts when a button is pressed on the headphones. Depending on when you don’t need it, you can make it longer or shorter as necessary.

The company is owned by Capital M, the developer of Hoo Haa headphones. He has appeared on Shark Tank Australia, where he even defeated the sharks. He was able to secure 20% ownership for a $20 investment from the Sharks. Consequently, the headphones are priced at $100 and are for sale.

  • Sound Quality

Hoo Haa headphones were popular for a while before abruptly ceasing production. They were famous for their aesthetic appeal and superior sound quality. If you would like to get a pair of HooHaa headphones, you may always try browsing online.

The sound quality of Hoo Haa has become renowned because of its binaural balancing, which enables users to have a completely immersive audio experience. In addition, the earbuds are really comfortable to wear. If you desire a pair of comfortable headphones, the Hoo Haa earbuds are the best option.

Why are the Hoo Haa headphones so popular?

This brand was popular for a time, but then it abruptly vanished. Others believe that the products were simply removed from the market, while others assume that the company went out of business. This item is no longer available for purchase, for whatever reason.

This is terrible because many people enjoyed these headphones due to their unique style and great sound quality. If you are among those who miss hoo-haa headphones, you have a few options for unique style and great sound quality. If you are among those who miss hoo-haa headphones, you have a few options. Start by searching online for them. There is the potential to find a pair for sale on a website or online auction site.


Whether you prefer hip-hop or bass music, Hoo Haa Headphones will make it more fun to listen to music. The company’s headphones are the perfect example of how style and technology can coexist. Keir Dillon and his team have produced an incredible product in collaboration with some of the biggest names in music and fashion.

The headphones are suitable for use during performances due to their water resistance. They are quite comfy and are available in a variety of colours to complement any outfit. Moreover, they are relatively inexpensive, costing significantly less than $20 each. The Hoo Haa Headphones are a fantastic alternative if you’re looking for headphones with exceptional sound quality at an affordable price.

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