24″ ACER KG241: Review

24″ ACER KG241: Review

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Gadgets, Published On
April 11, 2023

The 24″ ACER KG241, based on a TN panel with a 1ms response time speed, is yet another low-cost 24″ 1080p 144Hz gaming monitor, perfect for competitive gamers on a budget. The 24″ ACER KG241, at around £113 in the United Kingdom and $125 in the United States, is one of the most reasonably priced 24-inch monitors now available. That’s chump change for a good display, making the Acer an attractive alternative if you don’t want to break the bank. Yet, cheaper goods generally skimp on features and have poorer quality, so let’s see if the Acer KG241Q is an exception to the rule.

In this review, we’ll cover the benefits and drawbacks and how it stacks up against other options at a similar price. Due to the existence of a different Acer KG241Q mix model with a higher maximum refresh rate of 75 Hz, this screen will hereafter be referred to as just a 24″ ACER KG241.

24″ ACER KG241 Specifications

Screen Size 23.6-inch
Resolution 1920×1080 (Full HD)
Aspect Ratio 16:9 (Widescreen)
Ports DisplayPort 1.2, 2x HDMI 2.0
Refresh Rate 144Hz
Contrast Ratio 1000:1 (static)
Adaptive Sync FreeSync (48Hz-144Hz)
Response Time 1ms (GtG)
Dynamic Contrast Ration 100,000,000:1
Speakers Yes
Operation Power Consumption 23 W
Weight 3.87 kg
Price $147.24


  • Inexpensive
  • Rapid reaction time with minimal delay in input
  • Up to 144 fps with AMD FreeSync
  • Several in-game options, including VRB, are available


  • Poorer picture quality than IPS and VA displays
  • Limited peripheral vision
  • Stand that simply tilts

Build and Design

24 ACER KG241

The panel from 24″ ACER KG241 has the look and feel of a budget option. It uses big bezels and old, glossy plastic instead of the narrow bezels and sleek metal on more expensive monitors. The stand is unremarkable, and it has a soft plastic back. The KG241Q also has average build quality and an unremarkable appearance; the back panel wiggles about too much.

This screen could be better used in a multi-monitor configuration due to its excessively wide bezels. The Acer is unobtrusive enough when sitting on a desk, and the display’s build quality flaws won’t arise if you don’t move or touch it. The 4.42-kilogram weight is manageable, and the 567-by-61-millimeter screen doesn’t occupy much desk space.

Getting started is simple as well. The little stand clips are in place with no tools required, and the base is attached with just one screw. The display can be tilted 20 degrees in either direction and mounted using a 100mm VESA pattern, but that’s about it; you can’t alter the height or swivel it, and it won’t work in portrait mode. The screen is managed using buttons on the lower frame.


24 ACER KG241

We’ve already established that speed is the primary focus of this display (and affordable pricing). The monitor’s 144Hz refresh rate means it can show more than twice as many frames per second as a regular 60Hz screen. The improved clarity and fluidity of movement are most noticeable in fast-paced games like first-person shooters and racing games. If your PC can deliver the necessary frame rates, 144Hz will improve the experience of all games without capped frame rates.

The Acer KG241Q P’s speedy 1ms GtG response time speed is another benefit, as it eliminates motion blur and ghosting behind fast-moving objects so you can keep your eye on your targets without distraction. If you’re used to playing games on a 60Hz display, you won’t be able to tell the difference with the 24″ ACER KG241’s 4ms of input lag.


24 ACER KG241

The 24″ ACER KG241 has a basic design and even less complex technical specs. TN technology, used for the underlying display, is currently the most cost-effective method of making flatscreen displays. Yet, TN panels must improve colour accuracy and viewing angles compared to VA and IPS displays.

For typical tasks, a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels in Full HD should suffice; however, multitasking may prove difficult. The Acer is only capable of 8-bit colours, not the more advanced 10-bit colours, making it unsuitable for color-critical work. There are better screens for extreme gaming. It has an excellent 1ms response time but a below-average 75Hz refresh rate.

The Cost and Availability

24 ACER KG241

The 24″ ACER KG241 that we tested costs about £113 in the UK and US$125, making it the most reasonably priced monitor in the company’s KG1 line. Our reviewed display can be located under the model number UM.UX1EE.006. You can also find two different 24 versions at this price point—the KG241QBM, at £114, and with the part number UM.UX1EE.001 is the next affordable alternative.

The KG241QS, with the part number UM.UX1EE.S01 is the third 24 model available. With a refresh rate of 165Hz and a DisplayPort connector, that panel is ideal for gaming, but it will set you back £159 or US$199.

24 ACER KG241

Acer now offers 25-inch, 27-inch, and 28-inch screen sizes under the KG1 series. While the vast majority use TN technology, there is one 27-inch model that employs IPS panels and others that boost to 2560 by 1440 or 3840 by 2160. Of course, upgrading to IPS technology will result in a noticeable improvement in image quality, but a 24-panel with that kind of hardware will save you more money. If you want a monitor with the exact dimensions and features as our KG241Q but with IPS rather than TN technology, you can do it for roughly $150 or £150.


The 24″ ACER KG241 is one of the least expensive 24 monitors currently available while providing adequate contrast and quality for most common uses. You won’t have trouble accessing your favorite media sites, online browsers, or Office programs here. Because of its low price, the Acer is unsuitable for color-critical tasks or producing awe-inspiring results with even the most basic images.

It could be more stylish and well-equipped with features. But the Acer will suffice if you need a simple screen for regular use and don’t care about size, aesthetics, or precision.

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