Watch Highlight: Omega Watches and Its Timeless Tradition

Watch Highlight: Omega Watches and Its Timeless Tradition

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July 26, 2021
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Choosing the perfect timepiece can be a little tricky. Some people tend to get overwhelmed with a lot of brands and models. Because of that, new collectors will usually take months before coming up with the right decision. While it is good to make careful assessments before making a huge purchase, there are better ways to make the experience a lot easier.

One of the most effective ways is to know more about the brand. Apart from the different styles and features, every luxury watch manufacturer has different inspirations and characteristics which makes them unique. In this article, we will highlight one of the most popular luxury watch brands in the world called Omega. We will give you more information about this timepiece to help you decide before making a purchase.

Omega: Company History

Omega’s history began in 1848, making them one of the pioneers in Swiss watchmaking. The company was established by Louis Brandt, an experienced creator of timepieces in La Chaux de Fonds. It was only in 1903 that the name Omega was incorporated into the company which was then called Louis Brandt et Frère – Omega Watch & Co. In 1982, the company was again officially renamed Omega SA.

One of the biggest milestones of Omega was when NASA picked the Omega Speedmaster as part of their space exploration adventure. Everyone noticed the timepiece on Buzz Aldrin’s wrist before they were launched to the moon in 1969. Since then, the company has become one of the most popular timepieces in the world. They have recorded almost 100,000 timepieces released in a year during the 1900s.

These recognitions and advancements in technology helped flourish the company’s success. It has become the instant favorite of many well-known personalities including celebrities, politicians, and even the Royal family. Omega was also appointed as the official timekeeper for the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 2009.

To date, Omega has still considered one of the most high-performing luxury sports watches in the world. Their timepieces’ chronographs and the co-axial mechanism are still applauded by many aficionados and collectors. Truly, this company has reached the entire world, and beyond.

Top 4 Best Omega Watches Collection

Omega’s watch models are focused and lean. They only have 4 different collections but each of them has hundreds of different versions and designs. The company made sure that they will only create specific collections for each purpose so it will be easier for the market. Here are the best omega watches collection they:

  • Speedmaster Omega Watch


Speedmaster is designed for individuals with a taste and thirst for speed. These timepieces are made with high-performing chronographs that can track minutes, seconds, and nanoseconds. It is one of the reasons why these timepieces are best for race car drivers and other speed-related athletic events.

  • Seamaster Omega Watch

seamater omega

Divers and sea explorers will love the Seamaster collectors. It is built using pristine engineering to ensure its capabilities and performance even underwater. It has features that can beneficial for individuals who love to explore the sea. This timepiece is also the chosen model for the movie fictional character James Bond.

  • Constellation Omega Watch


Constellation has the sophisticated and classic elegance of traditional luxury watches. It is designed with high-quality materials such as gold and titanium and paired with gold indexes on the dial. If you are looking for a timepiece to wear to formal events, this collection is best for you.

  • De Ville Omega Watch


Another elegant classic watch collection, De Ville is considered one of the most high-fashioned timepiece collections in the world. Apart from their contemporary designs, these timepieces are also built with a co-axial master chronometer. This combines the elegance of traditional timepieces and modern technology.

Key to finding the best Omega watch

As mentioned above, Omega has released quite a few models and designs through the years. Because of that, some people may find it hard to pick among the selections under their turf. Here are some guidelines in finding the best Omega watch for you:

  • Identify your purpose

The why’s and how’s of your buying a timepiece is very important. You need to know the purpose of why you want to have this watch and when you will use it. In that way, you can narrow down the choices and will give you a more focused selection.

  • Choose the right size

These luxury timepieces also come in different sizes. One of the best ways to pick a watch is by knowing which size fits you best. The key to finding the perfect timepiece is by wearing it as a trial. It should be too small that it will be hard for you to read the time but it shouldn’t be too large that it hinders your hand movement. Wearing a timepiece has to feel natural and pleasant.

  • Pick the appropriate material

Omega timepieces are made with different materials. They use different materials for every collection. For instance, they have timepieces that are made with ceramic, gold, titanium, and steel. The best way to know which of these will work best is to know your purpose. Once you know where and how you will wear the watch, you can pick which materials will suit you best.

  • Choose your preferred style

Style and design are always subjective. All the timepieces designed by Omega vary depending on their features and capabilities. However, they also consider the market. They have a wide range of choices that every luxury watch collector will surely enjoy. Hence, you will have a lot of choices when it comes to design and style. It’s just a matter of choosing what you prefer.

  • Pick the perfect features

One of the most important aspects of luxury sports watches is their features. Make sure that you will choose a timepiece that is equipped with features that you need and will use. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of money. Know which type of chronograph or date window you need. With that, you can pick the right model for you.


If you are looking for a timepiece that can withstand exposure to extreme activities, you cannot do any better than Omega watches. With the company’s experience in manufacturing, and the people attested to it, this timepiece has strengthened through the test of times. Get your own Omega watch today. Visit and see the different models fit for you!

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