How to Spot a Fake Jordan 1 For Sale

How to Spot a Fake Jordan 1 For Sale

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Fashion, Published On
July 23, 2022
Last modified on February 18th, 2023

One of the biggest complaints among StockX customers is the presence of fake Jordan 1 for sale by Shoebuya. In this article, we’ll cover the most common signs of a fake shoe, as well as the case of Nike vs. StockX. In addition, we’ll discuss the outlaw mystique that’s associated with the fake air jordan 1 and the common elements of a fake. So, what exactly makes a fake Jordan 1?

How to Spot a Fake Jordan 1 For Sale

How to Spot a Fake Jordan 1 For Sale

  • StockX customers complain about fake Jordan 1s

There are many examples of fake shoes on the market. Last month, a customer of StockX complained about getting a pair of fake Jordan 1 Retro Satin sneakers. The company has yet to respond to this customer’s complaints. As a result, I searched for a similar pair of shoes in my local stores to see if I could find the same model. In this article, I’ll discuss the ways to spot a fake pair.

Nike’s lawsuit is being escalated. In the memorandum filed on May 10, Nike claims to have bought four pairs of fake bstsneakers from StockX in the past two months. One pair, the fake Nike Air Jordan 1 replica “Chicago,” matched the NFT sold through StockX’s Vault NFT program. The company has yet to respond to Nike’s request for comment. While Nike has been adamant in its claims, it is unclear whether Nike has any proof that StockX is selling fake sneakers.

  • Nike vs StockX lawsuit

In February, NIKE, Inc. filed a lawsuit against StockX, a platform that sells non-fungible tokens tied to real sneakers. The company purchased four pairs of sneakers from StockX, and the company claimed they were authentic. The best sneakers came with “Verified Authentic” hangtags. Nike was outraged and decided to pursue the case. But the case quickly shifted in favor of StockX, who refuted the claims in court.

The lawsuit is about the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are unique digital assets. Nike argued that the NFTs created by StockX violated their trademarks and could confuse customers. Nike had previously sold its own NFTs earlier this year. In response, StockX counters that it uses NFTs to track ownership of physical products and to reduce customer costs. But this argument is not backed by evidence.

  • Air Jordan 1’s outlaw mystique

The best fake Jordan 1 has been a classic basketball shoe for over thirty years. There are plenty of colorways and silhouettes of the sneaker. In fact, the outlaw mystique of the shoe is so strong that it has inspired several other designs. This Brandsneakertwins features a black leather upper and tongue with red accents on the toe box, heel counter, and Swoosh branding. It retails for $160.

The iconic shoe is widely sought after by both athletes and collectors. With its upright stance, Bulls-inspired colour-blocking, and visual storytelling, the fake Jordan 1 has become a cultural icon. Each new re-release has added to the mythology of this sneaker. The shoe has spawned dozens of colorways and many variations, making it the most hyped, most controversial, and most expensive sneaker.

  • Common elements of a fake Jordan 1

A common feature of a fake pair of fake Jordan 1 is the heel. The real logo appears embossed on the leather, while a fake pair has a glossy finish. Lastly, fakes have poorly cut-out letters and improper perforations. Then, the toe box is oversized and lacks the classic silhouette. A fake shoe will also lack the classic curve in the heel. If any of these details are missing, you can visit, rest assured that you are looking at a fake shoe.

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