Top 6 Activities For Relaxing Weekend in Los Angeles

Top 6 Activities For Relaxing Weekend in Los Angeles

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January 17, 2021
Last modified on December 21st, 2021

Exciting impressions and vivid emotions are what fill our life with joy. However, sometimes you just want to relax and get a new experience. In both the first and second cases, a car trip will be the best way to achieve a result. Do you like the idea to rent a car in Los Angeles under 25 and spend some wonderful days surrounded by the sun, sea, and good mood and enjoy a relaxing weekend in Los Angeles?

Indeed, Los Angeles contributes to a pleasant pastime, while a rental car will allow you to get the most out of your trip. Check out some interesting activities that you will definitely try in the City of Angels.

Top 6 Activities For Relaxing Weekend in Los Angeles:

Go hiking

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Many people in Los Angeles make fun of hiking and say it’s just a walk. Perhaps someone can easily pass even the most difficult trail in the famous Runyon Canyon Park and won’t be knocked off the route by actor Aaron Paul running by. Of course, it’s not so easy to do this without preparation, but you will be rewarded with incredibly beautiful views opening from the picturesque hills of the park.

If you’ve always dreamed of seeing the Hollywood sign-up close, you’ll have to spend three hours walking to Mt. Lee via Bronson Canyon. For waterfall lovers, there’s Trail Canyon Falls in Tujunga, Solstice Canyon in Malibu, Paradise Falls in Thousand Oaks, and Switzer Falls in Colby Canyon.

Naturally, all of these places are scattered around the city, but you can easily find them with your rental car and enjoy a relaxing weekend in Los Angeles. Looking for traveling to LA or Are you palling to move to LA?.

Have breakfast at the Cheesecake Factory

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A hearty and delicious breakfast allows you to start the day in a positive mood. Cheesecake Factory has a ton of sweet treats waiting for you, but the main thing everyone goes for is the big cheesecakes. They are really outstanding, so try not to overeat.

Don’t like cheesecakes? There are many other dishes on the menu. Nice price and fast service are also great reasons to visit the Cheesecake Factory and enjoy a relaxing weekend in Los Angeles.

Attend a free fitness class

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If you want to get a little deeper into the sports culture of Los Angeles, see how professional coaches work in Hollywood, and hang out with the locals without joining a club, there are many free deals in the city. You can do yoga with an instructor in the canyon, on the beach, or in the park.

Those who like vigorous training can try, for example, Bfit classes with dancing, boxing, and loud music. If you are not averse to meeting new people, join any free fitness meeting – there are many of them, and they are constantly taking place in the city. You can do this and enjoy a relaxing weekend in Los Angeles

Relax in Santa Monica

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Grab your rental car and set off to Santa Monica. It offers many kilometers of white beaches, a pier with attractions, along beautiful promenade, and various entertainment venues. You can ride bicycles or take healthy jogging, filling your lungs with sea air. Also, another great idea is to enjoy surfing or just lie on the sand.

If you want to eat, go to the nearest fish restaurant located on the shore. Delicious food complemented by the sound of the sea surf will allow you to truly enjoy the moment and ultimately it helps you to enjoy a relaxing weekend in Los Angeles.

Try a vegetarian food

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Los Angeles is a perfect place to destroy the myth of tasteless healthy vegetarian food. There is hardly a better city for those who decide to give up meat. The number of places with vegetarian food in the city is huge – from fast food to gourmet cuisine.

After watching a movie at Arclight Hollywood, you can grab a vegan burger at the Veggie Grill. For delicious meatless burgers, you should also go to Crossroads Kitchen – they serve the Impossible Burger, which is difficult to distinguish from a real meat dish.

Of course, if you are traveling in a car rental, the list of available places to eat will be even larger. Erven, Gracias Madre, Plant Food and Wine, Moby’s Little Pine restaurant, Elf Cafe are just a few spots where you won’t regret for a second to enjoy a relaxing weekend in Los Angeles that you have given up your usual meat dishes.

Go to stand-up comedy

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It’s believed that laughter prolongs life. It’s not clear how true this is, but laughter definitely makes life at least a little more pleasant. All the best comedians started from stand-up here. Some of them still occasionally perform in front of a small audience, including Louis C.K.

It’s pretty easy to find a bad stand-up comedy, but here are a few places you will definitely leave with a pleasant stomach ache to enjoy a relaxing weekend in Los Angeles: Largo at the Coronet, Hollywood Improv, Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, Comedy Store, Ha Ha Cafe Comedy Club, and Ice House.

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