Stay Connected and Secure: Exploring the Verizon Gizmo Watch 3

Stay Connected and Secure: Exploring the Verizon Gizmo Watch 3

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May 19, 2024

Technology is being picked up by even the youngest children at a startling rate. As parents, we want to make sure that our kids are gradually exposed to these contemporary comforts while nevertheless fostering in them a feeling of independence and responsibility. The GizmoWatch 2 is a kid-friendly wristwatch that just launched. This wearable device will be popular since it tries to meet the needs of both parents who want security and kids who are excited to use “grown-up” technology.

Parents and kids alike will value the GizmoWatch 2’s simplicity of use and feature set. Its simple appearance adds to its appeal; its function is more as a proper communication and security tool than as a showcase. With so many helpful functions, a large touch area that is perfect for little fingers, and a vibrant and vivid screen, the GizmoWatch 2 is a fantastic choice for families looking to introduce wearable technology to their kids.

Verizon Gizmo Watch 3 Specifications

Phone OS CompatibilityAndroid
Watch OSAndroid Wear
Display Size1.4 inches
Display TypeAMOLED
Fitness FeaturesPedometer, GPS
Estimated Battery Life3.52 Days
Separate App StoreYES
Phone Call CapacityNO

Graphics and Presentation Of The Gizmo Watch 2

From the first moment they see the GizmoWatch 2, kids will know it was designed especially for them. Its robust and colourful silicone strap makes the watch perfect for a child’s daily activities. Two vivid colours—pink and blue—are offered for the strap. The plastic case appears brand-new even though it has suffered from the typical scrapes and bumps that come with rigorous play.

One of GizmoWatch 2’s key selling features is its display. Vibrant colours and excellent brightness on the 1.4-inch screen make it easy to view even in bright sunshine. Big touch areas on the watch’s interface are sized just for tiny fingers, making it easy for children to use. The seven captivating watch themes—which include everything from a playful citrus design to a bold comic book style—add to the charm.

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Voicemails and SMS

Gizmo Watch 3

The GizmoWatch 2 compensates for its lack of physical traits of a traditional smartphone with a fantastic range of communication options. The watch’s reliable Verizon cellular network will allow the youngster to make and receive calls as long as they are in a weak service region. Parents may relax even without this extra feature, knowing that their child is always close at hand, whether at home, in the park, or at school.

Not only can the GizmoWatch 2 make voice calls, though. Youngsters can also use pre-programmed text or audio messages to communicate with their approved contacts. When kids need a little extra chuckle, they may utilise the watch’s adorable voice-changing feature to transform into amusing characters like monsters, robots, or even squirrels.

Parental Safety Features & Controls

Gizmo Watch 3

The biggest concern of parents about exposing their kids to technology is usually keeping them safe and under their supervision. The GizmoWatch 2 immediately addresses these concerns with a complete set of parental controls and security features. Utilising the easy-to-use parent companion app, set up and manage your child’s watch contacts. Assign up to 10 contacts—guardians, carers, friends, and GizmoBuddies—with varying levels of permission so your child has total control over who they interact with.

Still, it’s not the end of the safety measures. 

With the GizmoWatch 2, you can view your child’s activity log and track their whereabouts in real time. You can also design safe zones with the geofencing function and receive notifications when your child enters or leaves them. The watch’s specific emergency contact feature can be used in an emergency by pressing and holding one of the side buttons. Ensuring that their child may readily ask for assistance when they need it, gives parents even more piece.

Specifications of The GizmoWatch 2

Gizmo Watch 3

Beyond its primary purposes of safety and communication, the GizmoWatch 2 has a tonne of additional features that will enthral and motivate kids. Setting alarms and reminders with the parent app will assist your youngster in adhering to their daily schedule. Promoting positive behaviours and a sense of accomplishment, you can even create customised awards for completing tasks or reaching step goals.

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Talking about step goals, the watch’s pedometer tracks your child’s daily activity level. When combined with the fun jump challenge app, which gives kids various animal noises for every leap, this feature can be an excellent method to lightheartedly and entertainingly promote physical activity. Two thoughtful upgrades to the GizmoWatch 2 include manual silent mode and scheduled quiet periods. This feature means that your child’s gadget won’t be a distraction at essential occasions or times when concentration is needed, such as school or family get-togethers.

Anything Less Than Perfect?

Though the GizmoWatch 2 has numerous advantages, it also has a few drawbacks. Among its most apparent shortcomings is the lack of Wi-Fi connectivity. The watch may not connect in areas with inconsistent coverage because it is limited to Verizon’s cellular network, which could lead to rapid battery consumption. Worse, had the watch supported Wi-Fi, it could have effortlessly switched between cellular and Wi-Fi networks. The 500mAh battery in the GizmoWatch 2 typically lasts pretty well. However, parents are unable to identify what is causing the battery to deplete too quickly. It might be really annoying to be unable to see potential software or connection issues or identify battery issues that could be causing the drain.

The GizmoWatch 2 also lacks in terms of advanced capabilities. Many kids wished the watch had a camera and a keyboard for more flexible texting capabilities. While some parents could find these capabilities distracting or even harmful, they might also increase the watch’s use and appeal to a wider audience.

The watch could be annoying at times, even with quiet mode set on, because there isn’t a separate Do Not Disturb option. A true Do Not Disturb feature that locks the device entirely and allows only essential functions like emergency calls may be an excellent addition for parents who desire more control over their child’s gadget use.

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Radar Level Of The GizmoWatch 2

Gizmo Watch 3

For kids’ smartwatches, there are better choices than the GizmoWatch 2, even though it’s a good one. Parents could want to consider the TickTalk 4 and the Xplora X5 Play.

A well-liked choice including more functions is the TickTalk 4. Wi-Fi, which can help with some of the GizmoWatch 2’s connectivity issues, and cameras for video chats and picture exchanges are features of it. Parents have additional choices for networks because the TickTalk 4 is compatible with several providers. For others, though, the lack of geofencing capabilities in the GizmoWatch 2 could be the decisive element.

Still, the Xplora X5 Play strikes a compromise between form and usefulness with the TickTalk 4 and the GizmoWatch 2. It includes one camera for video calling and photo sharing in addition to GPS for geofencing and position monitoring. Through completing tasks and activities that their parents choose, children can earn XCoins, a digital currency system unique to the X5 Play. Players may purchase actual items from the Go Play store with this money, so it’s a win-win scenario.

There have been complaints of discrepancies in the step-tracking features and general instability of the Xplora app in comparison to the GizmoWatch 2 companion software. For those who favour or are devoted to Verizon, the X5 Play’s incompatibility with their network could be another drawback.

Should I Spend the Money on the GizmoWatch 2?

Having weighed all of the advantages and disadvantages, as a parent your requirements and priorities will dictate whether or not you should purchase the GizmoWatch 2. For its straightforward design, stable connection, and wealth of safety features, the GizmoWatch 2 is unbeatable among smartwatches. With its simple yet intriguing design and useful parent companion app, the watch is an excellent option for introducing wearable technology to your child. One teaching element that could promote accountability is the ability to set reminders, track activity levels, and offer rewards for completed work.

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