The White Guide for Women

The White Guide for Women

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Fashion, Updated On
December 14th, 2021

A simple white button down is a definite essential for any wardrobe. It is a timeless piece of classic clothing that never goes out of style. Style it accordingly and let its versatility up your game for any and every occasion. It is easy to style and you wear it with practically anything – jeans, shorts, pants, or skirts. Whether it is time to appear for a meeting or go out with your friends for a casual outing your white shirt will never disappoint you. Worn the right way, of course!

The White Guide for Women

Dress Up

A professional setting requires a professional outlook. In such situations more often than not it is initially your clothing that decides your worth. To ensure people take you seriously you need to look the part, something you can do easily with the white button down.

Tuck it in or wear it with a belt while leaving your sleeves unfolded and you get your formal look. The perfect clean and crisp outfit for your work that takes your personality up a notch.

Take it a step further with a blazer or suit and get the business feel that you desire.


Dress Down

For your easy casual outfit skip the first few buttons, fold the sleeves, tie a knot in the front or semi tuck it leaving the shirt loose from the other side. You will look and feel relaxed, laid back yet classy.

This works best with a pair of comfortable jeans. Together, a white shirt with a pair of jeans is no less than peanut butter and jelly. Great separately but divine when worn together. You can create the ultimate style with comfort whether with daily sneakers or strappy sandals.

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Skirts or shorts can also be paired with white button downs. No matter what the length you will love how it enhances your solid one toned shirt!

Color away!

White acts as the blank canvas that allows you to pair it up with different vibrant colors and accessories and let that decide your vibe! The best part is no time, effort or fashion skills required to achieve sophistication. Whether black or blue, orange or yellow, white gives you the option to go all out and explore. While some opt for brighter colors to balance the white, others may want to pair it with beige and cream clothing to get a low key, and subtle look. You can go with loud, bold jewellery or be as minimalist as you want.


Vibing White

And while a pop of color paired with the white shirt can be transforming, going all white is also an option you might consider. Some people mistake this for looking disconnected and cold. Not many people realize that white is just as versatile as grey or black if not more. It can be equally striking during day or night, summer or winter and the simplicity in fact gives the person a mysterious yet unique vibe. It emits peace and confidence. White jeans or a skirt can transform this simple shirt into a statement making look. It looks very chic especially in summers where it not only makes you feel cool but is also lighter on the eyes of the people you meet.


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It is worth it, trust me!

Not that the hassle is not worth the trouble we still need to mention it. Some people may find the shirt a little high maintenance. However for something as staple as this button down you have a few solutions to avoid the problems.

First and foremost understand the importance of size. A poor fitting shirt can completely change the entire game. However also know the difference between poor fitting and getting an oversized shirt to compliment your attire. Women know how unbearable it is to have a button down gape at the chest area or be so tight that it creates discomfort. Regardless of extra effort I would suggest taking a size larger and then getting it slim fitted around other areas so that it doesn’t stretch around the button area. Other easier methods are a double sided table or wearing a tank top underneath.

Make sure you consider all your fabric options before you buy this shirt. You cannot flake out on ironing and it is a task working around those buttons. A lot of companies now make shirts that do not require ironing and only need to be hung till they are dry.

Another misconception often heard is how white does not go with all complexions and may make the dark skin tones seem darker and white skin tones look paler. It’s surprising such ideas exist and no matter what the general public presumes it is best you try it out yourself and let the elegance, class and flexibility of the shirt decide that for you. Even if the shirt itself does not work with your complexion the best part of its adaptable nature is that it allows you to play around with whatever color, fabric, accessories that suit you.

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If it is not clear already the white button down is an easily available solution. The solution that you should always have and the one that you will always be able to find. The solution that supports almost every accessory you have. Pick up any sunglasses, perhaps a cross body bag, throw in a random footwear and you can still have a perfect outfit. Looking to permanently upgrade your wardrobe without buying a lot of clothes? Low on cash and want to look modern and ravishing repeatedly? This monochromic apparel is your savior. One cloth – a thousand outfits. Repeat, Recycle, Reform, and Rule. If you enjoyed reading this article, then you would definitely love the content at

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