The Sleeper White Satin Flats: A Stride Towards Comfort and Confidence

The Sleeper White Satin Flats: A Stride Towards Comfort and Confidence

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Fashion, Published On
September 2, 2022

Most of us pay great attention to what we look and feel like. We try to stay healthy, put on good clothes, and look fresh and ready to conquer life. That’s why we give some thought when compiling our outfits. Not to mention that the style we present to others is the result of our self-expression too. Through our clothes, we can show not only how we feel about fashion, and trends, but also how we feel about ourselves. Modern brands are trying harder and harder to make such unique clothes for women and men that will make that process easier and more pleasant.

When we think about our outfits for the day, mostly we concentrate on the top part, then the bottom part, then maybe jewelry, and accessories such as sunglasses or bags. However, when it comes to shoes, many people decide to go just with whatever they have. However, shoes are also an important part of any look. Comfortable footwear will ensure not only confidence but also the elegance of your stride. Moreover, being a part of the whole picture, your shoes should also compliment your outfit.

That’s why it’s great to have some versatile options in your closet, that will go with most of the clothes you wear, allowing for astounding look combinations. Nowadays, brands try to adapt to this need for versatility. For example, the Ukrainian brand Sleeper, which started as a nightwear-turned-partywear clothing label has now several different collections of clothes, as well as quite a selection of footwear to compliment its looks. Are you looking for a pajama suit? This brand got you covered, and will allow you to find a pair of white satin ballet flats to fit your newest outfit.

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Clothes for Women of Another Level

As it was mentioned, modern brands try to strive for versatility, even practicality. And as Sleeper is one of such brands, everything they make, from clothes for women to accessories, is produced with those notions in mind. Not to mention that the brand itself started with the idea of producing comfortable yet elegant outfits for women, that would fit into most settings of our life. Their most popular piece, a Party pajama set, can be worn to any occasion from a regular city stroll to a wedding reception. After the brand started its expansion and introduced its fans to the world of Sleeper lounge suits and linen dresses, the production of shoes became just a question of time. Luckily, it didn’t take so long before the fashion label presented its vast selection of sophisticated footwear.

One of the popular models became the Sleeper white satin flats. The design, called the Aristocrat, surely does have some fairytale-like vibes to it and has the same elegance as all the other Sleeper products, if not more. Even though it may look quite extravagant with those details in a form of silk bows, the pair can become a good addition to numerous outfits. The bows are detachable, so you can adjust the level of chic you would want to go for with your looks.

Some on-top-of-the-head ideas that will look good in a combination with the Aristocrat flats include:

  • wide-leg jeans with an oversized button-up shirt and some jewelry;
  • rose flats by Sleeper with the Atlanta dress in oink or garden rose;
  • a mid-length satin skirt and a crop top of some kind;
  • a classic two-piece suit.
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Of course, these are just some of the ideas and you can create a lot more different outfits. Everything goes down to your imagination.

The Sleeper’s World of Footwear

The Sleeper White Satin Flats

However, the white or rose flats by Sleeper are not the only options you can get from this brand. As the label is all about versatility, as well as elegance and practicality, it doesn’t seem shocking that they have a variety of models to choose from. There are some sophisticated and chic designs, for example, such as Mille-feuille silk flats, Manon mules with detachable feathers, or the Puff slippers. These would be a perfect addition for the most festive looks and special occasions.

Of course, they would also become a good accent in your day-to-day outfits too. Another chic option would be a recent addition to the selection – Pom slides or Pom Kitten heel mules, decorated with fuzzy feathery detail. Paired with a silky dress, these shoes will create a top-tier night-out outfit. If you are in search of more relaxed and simple options, Sleeper got you too. Lulu and regular shearling slippers, Macaroni strappy sandals, and Matilda clogs – there is something for any taste. The color palette is also astounding: you can find bright-colored options, such as lemon yellow and orange, as well as pastel tones. So, it will be an easy task to step-up your footwear game with such a great variety of Sleeper options.

What to Look for in a Good Pair of Shoes?

It was mentioned that shoes are also an important part of any outfit. They can either compliment or ruin the whole look. However, it doesn’t always depend solemnly on the design of the footwear. Because the quality of your shoes also plays a great part in how they look and how they fit into the outfit. That’s why, no matter what you are searching for, the Sleeper white satin flats or a pair of Nikes, there are some things to look for in shoes. First of all, they should be comfortable. Most probably you will be wearing them for 4-7 hours a day.

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You wouldn’t want to have to deal with constant blisters or the feeling of discomfort, would you? Secondly, pay attention to the material. It’s better to choose those shoes that have some natural textiles like leather, silk, and cotton. These materials should be of high quality too. This adds up a lot to the comfort of your feet. And lastly, pay attention to the quality of work. There shouldn’t be any protruding threads, divergent seams, or holes. The quality always ensures durability, as well as the presentable look of the footwear. And that’s what you would want to have in your shoes.

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