Reasons to Stop Buying Cheap Brass Jewelry

Reasons to Stop Buying Cheap Brass Jewelry

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Fashion, Published On
September 2, 2020
Last modified on December 14th, 2021

Personal preferences aside, certain metals might not be the right picks when it comes to buying fashion jewelry. No one wants a style that quickly turns obsolete or pieces that cracks or cause you allergy. No need to waste even a few bucks on such items that in the long run will be of no use and you can’t even sell them; profit apart you will note the base price.

Start investing in the ornaments that are timeless and made from quality material that lasts for generations.

If you don’t want to end up with items that are worthless, better pick the right material and keep and wear them appropriately. Brass jewelry may appear effortlessly cheap but we have a


Few Reasons To Stop You Buying Cheap Brass Items

Causing or flaring allergic reactions

You may not survive against allergic reactions. Brass can make you sick because it contains nickel that can cause severe allergic reactions. Just like you should avoid using zinc and copper metals as ornaments, avoid brass that can flare up your allergies. If you don’t want the situation to get worse, do not wear brass-made jewels for a long time. Even if you want these jewels, then make sure they shouldn’t cause you itching, redness, or even a rash – in that case, immediately remove. Else, prolonged skin exposure to brass may cause blistering. So, it’s better to stop buying and wearing it – instead, buy jewelry online in some other health-friendly material.

Brass can turn your skin green

Everyone adores good looks, but that shouldn’t cost you heavily in any respect – financially or physically. Too common with the brass jewelry as you remove it even a brand-new ring or bracelet often leaves behind an unsightly green line. For the reason that this metal has a strong tendency to tarnish or oxidize because of zinc and copper used in its preparation – the oils in the skin, oxygen in the air, and humidity in the atmosphere all combine to tarnish the brass jewelry. And if the piece you are wearing is coated or plated in brass the green line will be left even after a few hours of wear.  You cannot keep it polishing when tarnished and it’s often so frustrating to clean and care for an item that turns your skin green. So, avoid purchasing such things.

Wrapping it all, these two reasons are enough to make you understand why you should not invest in brass items even if it’s vintage costume jewelry. Stop settling for not-so-good quality materials like brass.

Treat yourself well because you deserve the best. Invest in you and invest wisely – don’t just throw your money away by purchasing a more affordable brass ornament, but being cheaper in the quality you will end up with the above-mentioned issues.

Moreover, it’s quite difficult to actually know what you are purchasing, especially when online jewelry shopping is trending like never before. Remember, not only good looks matter, a good investment is a real thing. So, always go for high-quality materials and refined gems.

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