A Guide to Belt Wearing: What to Look Out For

A Guide to Belt Wearing: What to Look Out For

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Fashion, Published On
March 10, 2022

Look in any fashion-conscious person’s wardrobe, and it is guaranteed that you will find a belt. Versatile, trendy, and personalized – belts have always been considered an accessory that can make or break an outfit. Of course, they offer a practical function too!

With summer around the corner and belts being as popular as ever, you may find yourself curious about which type of belt would make the best accessory for that new suit you have purchased for a friend’s wedding. Or which belt is the best addition for that pair of shorts you are planning to wear for that upcoming hiking holiday.

It may seem odd to have an entire article on how to wear a belt but look in any magazine relating to celebrities, and you will soon spot mismatched belts. Nobody wants to look bad when they are out and about, especially if there will be photos! So, this piece aims to look at how to wear belts for any occasion and how to look good while doing so.

A Guide to Belt Wearing: What to Look Out For

Choosing A Belt

Belts can be tough to measure, especially if you buy them online. It can also be tricky as each shop has its own version of small, medium, and large.

Some belts are completely adjustable, like Lizard Tail rope belts which come in a variety of colors and patterns, but this may not be the look you want, especially if you have a soft spot for natural materials. Or you are going to be wearing a suit for a special occasion.

When you are choosing a belt, be sure to take measurements of where you are going to wear it and compare this to the online guide if purchasing from a website. In person, be sure that the belt has some material left over when it is buckled or fastened. Aim for about 2- 4 inches to be safe. That goes for both smart and casual.

As obvious as it sounds, be sure to get a belt that fits. Not you, but also the trousers or shorts that you are going to wear. Belts come in different thicknesses, as do belt loops. So be certain to crack out the measuring tape early and be certain that your desired designer belt will fit into your designer pants!

Now, onto the different kinds of belts for different outfits.

Formal means natural

If it’s good enough for James Bond, you can surely pull it off!

Whether it’s a job interview, wedding, or graduation, for a suit or other formal, natural belts are best. This includes leather and suede options. If you are vegan don’t worry! There are plenty of leather and suede look belts available online that you can purchase.

As fashion changes, so do the colors that are in. Therefore, if you are embarking on job changes and have lots of different colored suits, you may need more than one belt to match. Leather is available in every color, from light sand to black, and suede is even more specialized in its hues, ranging from white right through the rainbow. There is nothing to say you can’t wear a red suede belt with a light grey suit.

Colorful means casual

You will, of course, have the choice over the color and pattern you choose when selecting your belt and what a selection there is online and in shops.

Brighter-colored belts can add a minimalist fashion touch. This is great when you are at the beach or simply going out with friends. Or you could mix it up a bit and wear a bright red belt with a dark suit. It’s an accessory that you can use to bring your personality to any outfit. However, if the belt is colorful or a bit surfer-chic, don’t wear it to the office. Keep it casual and fun in the right environment.

Hiking Means Synthetic

Are you planning to wear a belt with your hiking trousers or shorts?

While out and about in the wilderness, a belt can be a lifesaver, with some able to hold up to just under 1 kg in weight. As is the way with nature, you will need something sturdy, especially if you are hiking up a mountain where the weather is likely to be turbulent.

If you have ever owned a natural belt, like one made of leather, you will know how quickly it can warp or crack. Ergo, when looking for a belt for hiking or outdoors, a synthetic belt is best. There is a range of nylon-based belts online that can help in this area. In order to be safe, try to get one that does not have a buckle. Why? Because buckles can break, and the last thing you want is needing to carry items up a mountain that was once attached to a belt.

For hiking and other outdoor belts, you will also want one that is easy to wash. Easy maintenance is key when you are in the wild! So a belt that can be cleaned with as little as water and gentle soap may be exactly what you need when you are out and about with mother nature.

When Should You Wear A Belt?

Belts can make or break an outfit, but are they always required?

If you aren’t sure if you need to wear a belt, step back and look at the outfit you want to wear it with. Do the trousers have belt loops? No? Then there is no need to wear a belt.

Is your shirt going to be tucked in or hanging loose? If it is going to be tucked in, what better opportunity than to show off a belt? In a similar vein, if you are going to be wearing a blazer, this is another great time to wear a matching belt.

If the outfit is all one hue, like black, then a belt can add a splash of color that can provide striking contrast while also looking professional.

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