Different types of Nike footwear 

Different types of Nike footwear 

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March 24, 2022

New Zealand is an island country that includes the North Island and South Island. As per an article, the footwear industry will grow tremendously in the upcoming years in the country. Additionally, one of the popular shoe brands is Nike. The availability of nike shoes in NZ is steady as always in many physical and online stores. The estimated market share for this brand is approximately 50 percent, making it the largest athletic manufacturer globally, including NZ.

Top 3 types of Nike footwear

There are various types of footwear attainable in the stores with the brand Nike. Each shoe is used for varying purposes. Following are the various types of footwear available in New Zealand.

  • Running shoes:

As a runner, it is necessary to attain proper running shoes. There are many advantages of choosing running shoes. Some include arch support, midsole cushioning, and improving athletic performance. When it comes to midsole cushioning, it decreases stress on the toes, heel, and ankles and allows your activity to be safe and comfortable. In addition to this, it can alleviate back, hip, and knee pain.

A majority of running shoes provide arch support. Runners with flat feet will undoubtedly benefit from wearing such shoes. Thanks to the midsole cushioning and arch support, you can prevent different injuries. Choosing the right kind of shoes can improve your athletic performance immensely. If you are a competitive runner, running shoes are all you need.

  • Basketball shoes:

Basketball is a favorite sport for men and women. Also, famous sportspeople make sure to purchase basketball shoes before playing the game. After all, the right kind of shoes is essential for a big win. Although these specialized shoes can be exorbitant, it is crucial for many aspiring players. Since the players have to jump, cut, and sprint, choosing these shoes is the right decision.

The intensity of the game allows the player to cut. As a result, the force applied is tremendous in the sidewalls of the basketball sneakers. If you purchase normal sneakers for your practice, the shoes will not be able to resist the pressure, splitting at the seams in a week or two. You can ensure that basketball shoes will last longer and decreases the chances of foot and ankle injuries. Several players wear medium-cut shoes for ankle support. You can also opt for lighter low-cut shoes, which will help you run in the game. High-cut shoes are heavier, and you must purchase them as per your comfort. But don’t forget to check the cushioning to avoid injuries.

  • Flip-flops:

Nike shoes in NZ are attainable in the style of flip-flops. You can wear flip-flops on any occasion since they are versatile shoes. Running with these shoes for errands is easier, giving you the freedom to move around without any hassle. You can also wear them at work if your workplace environment is laid-back. The other advantage of wearing flip-flops is that they reduce the possibilities of fungal growth and infections.

Due to the good air circulation, you can ensure that the smell and sweat from your feet will be reduced. Their convenience allows you just to grab, wear them and head outside. You don’t require to wear socks at all. They are made of comfortable material and an added arch, providing total comfort when wearing them. You can attain them in various styles, colors, and designs. Some pairs come with many straps, whereas others come with two solid straps.

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