5 Sunglasses That Will Make Your Look Trendy This Fall

5 Sunglasses That Will Make Your Look Trendy This Fall

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Fashion, Published On
October 30, 2020
Last modified on December 14th, 2021

Eyewear can play a vital role in summers; it not only protects your eyes from harmful UV rays but also keeps them safe from dust and unknown species in the air. So just because it is cold outside does not mean you don’t need sunglasses: I mean, the sun has not practically disappeared or so the particles in the air. Moreover, sunglasses are not just an accessory but literally works as your second face. Whether it’s a bad day or you are running through sickness or just a hangover, a sunglass will hide all those imperfections: or you can just simply hide your millionth eye roll towards crazy people around you.

Adding on if you are someone who breathes fashion and lives for it then you know your outfit is not complete without a cute pair of sunnies. So if you are a self-proclaimed “eyewear connoisseur” then look no further. Here are our top five eyewear trends that will go “perfectly splendid” with any winter outfits.

List Of Top 5 Sunglasses That Will Make Your Look Trendy This Fall


Aviators are our number one pick for the fall; and why won’t it be, it has been trending for the past seven years. Kudos to Bausch and Lomb to braise us with this unisex invention. These glasses can magically give you a nose job in seconds. Celebs such as Paris Hilton, Beyonce, Kendel Jenner have rocked their looks with these glasses. So, if you are thinking of purchasing one, then we highly recommend Shopko Black Friday 2020. They have quite a variety in different frames.


If you are going for an edgy as well as a sophisticated look these are the ones for you. If you are someone confused with your face shape or goes through questions like whether these sunglasses would fit me or suit me, on a constant loop then do not worry; a perfect pair of cat eyes or aviators will do just fine. Pair it with a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and a tweed jacket or blazer, and you are good to go. The best thing about these sunglasses is, they will never go out of fashion. So, why wait, go grab your Cat-Eye Sunglasses.

Oversized “Granny” Sunglasses/Frames

The obvious, oversized sunglasses which never run out of fashion. Hide your sorrows or hangovers, it does it all while giving a sense of high street-chic look. One good thing with these oversized sunnies are, they are not one dimensional. I mean, pair it with a scarf, and red lipstick and Voila! you get that classic Parisian Look. These oversized glasses are in Vogue since the 70s. Overall, these shades will make you look trendy with protection from UV Rays. Famous Fashion Influencers like Alexa Chung and Danielle Bernstein have a love for Oversized Sunglasses.

Round Frames

If you are more into a Retro, Hippie Fashion, then Round Sunglasses are perfect for you. Pair it with a Hat and a simple Maxi Dress, and you are ready to rock. With a Polycarbonate Frame and Stylish Lens, they will provide eye protection too. Round Frames suits many faces but mostly oval, square, and heart-shaped faces.

Protective Shield Sunglasses

If you are futuristic or up for experimenting with new trends then we recommend the “Protective Shield Sunglasses”. From Jeffree Star to Gigi Hadid, are all going gaga for this trend. These unique sunglasses are one of the best things that happened this year. What makes these sunglasses unique is their continuous lens, which spans over both eyes and bridge of the nose. These are quite bold and brave and will give you a sporty yet glamorous look. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian have nailed their looks with these Protective Shield Sunglasses. It has a futuristic vibe to it.

So, these are our 5 Sunglasses Frames That Will Make Your Look Trendy and Outstanding for this Fall 2020. This is a fresh way to change your mood and look. Also, If you are looking for a more aesthetic and voguish look, then you can go for white or bold frames with pink or colored lenses. So, don’t forget to protect your eyes from those unknown species floating in the air along with the UV Rays. Happy Shopping.

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