Olivia Dunne’s Biography, Net Worth, and More

Olivia Dunne’s Biography, Net Worth, and More

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July 27, 2023
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Olivia Dunne, resplendent in her purple LSU leotards, becomes a brighter star with every flip. Given her impressive gymnastic career and collaborations with major businesses, it’s no wonder she has millions of fans. Olivia Dunne, the American gymnast and social media celebrity, turned 20 this year. Libra is her zodiac sign because she entered the world on October 1, 2002. Olivia Paige Dunne is a gymnast, but everyone calls her “Livvy Dunne” online and in her inner circle.

Olivia Dunne’s Bio

Born Name Olivia Dunne
Resistance Hillsdale, New Jersey, United States
Occupation Gymnast, Social Media Personality, Olympic Gymnast
Father David Dunne
Mother Katherine Dunne
Siblings Julianna Dunne
Height 5 ft 5 in or 165 cm
Weight 54 kg or 119 lbs
Hair Colour Blonde

Occupational and personal life

Occupational and personal life

Livvy Dunne, or Olivia Dunne, as she is most well known, was born in Westwood, New Jersey, on October 1, 2002. When Livvy was three years old, she began her journey in gymnastics. Livvy’s bio page claims that her desire for a pink leotard inspired her to take up gymnastics. Dunne was approached to try out for a pre-team at her gym, ENA, when she was just five years old. She shattered the level four state all-around record and won multiple state titles. According to the aforementioned article, Olivia jumped seven notches in just a year. The gymnasts, all nine years old, qualified for regionals at level nine. Her coach and she made the choice to compete in the U.S. Challenge.

The gymnast accomplished her aim of placing in the medal standings. According to her official website, Livvy Dunne was the youngest athlete to become a Jr. International Elite during the 2013–2014 season. In 2015, Dunne competed in the American Classic and placed eighth overall. The following year, Olivia won the floor competition at Bresteyn’s Elite Qualifier in Las Vegas. The United States sent Livvy Dunne to the Jesolo Trophy competition in Italy in March 2017. She placed sixth overall at the Jesolo Trophy competition. It was reported in the spring of 2017 that Olivia had agreed to attend LSU on a full athletic scholarship beginning in 2020. Livvy’s 9.9 on the uneven bars at the SEC Championships was a major factor in LSU’s second-place result in the team competition.

Livvy Dunne has surpassed all other female collegiate athletes in earnings.

Livvy Dunne

Female On3 NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) valuation leader Livvy Dunne The world’s sexiest gymnast,’ Livvy, is worth $3.4 million (£2.7 million), $1.6 million (£2 million) more than her closest competitor, Angel Reese. Dunne attracts four million Instagram followers and 7.4 million TikTok views per day. The Daily Star reports that the gymnast has endorsement relationships with companies like Body Armor, Grubhub, Linktree, and Forever 21. She debuted in the May issue and will return for the 2023 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, for which she signed a NIL deal. Angel Reese, also of LSU, is ranked second in the women’s NIL for On3. Angel is worth around $1.4 million (£1.1 million).

Total Value

In light of the NCAA’s regulation change in favor of athletes profiting off their notoriety and social media following in July 2021, Olivia Dunne was free to do so. As of the year 2023, she is expected to have amassed a net worth of approximately $2 million thanks to deals she has struck with companies such as American Eagle, PlantFuela, Vuori apparel, and others. She has amassed a huge fan base in the United States, numbering in the millions.


Olivia Dunne during a match against the Georgia Bulldogs at PMAC on 1 22, 2021 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Photo by: MG Miller

Livvy, as Olivia Dunne is often called, began her gymnastics career as a junior in 2014 in the American Classic, where she placed 28th. She debuted at the National Championship level in 2015. Dunne qualified for the National Team for the first time after finishing 12th at the 2016 National Championships.

In her impressive first race on the international stage, she placed sixth. Dunne became a senior in 2018 and participated in the City of Jesolo Trophy. An ankle ailment limited Dunne’s ability to compete in the U.S. Classic to just the uneven bars. After the injury, she took a year off to focus on getting better.

Dunne joined with Louisiana State University at the end of 2019, and he is expected to make an immediate impact during the 2020-21 campaign. Her freshman year of college, she made her collegiate debut versus Arkansas. She led LSU to the NCAA tournament’s semifinals.

Fast Facts: Olivia Dunne

  • She and her sister, Julianna, both grew up in New Jersey.
  • In 2005, Dunne embarked on a professional gymnastics career. She became interested in gymnastics because she wanted to climb on things and wear pink leotards.
  • When she began, Olivia was just three years old. However, Olivia’s first gymnastics competition was at the age of five, and she competed for gym ENA.
  • Her dad was an NFL quarterback.
  • Dunne joined the U.S. Junior National Team in 2017.
  • As the youngest participant ever at the Jr. International Elite, Olivia made history.
  • She is able to use her feet like juggling balls.
  • Olivia hopes to work with famous internet influencer Lily Chee.
  • She can’t stop thinking about ravioli.
  • Dunne dislikes the noises made by scraping forks and spoons against plates and by chewing aloud.
  • Her gymnastics heroes are Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin, while her social media heroes are Tatiana Ringsby, Maddie Ziegler, and Lily Chee.
  • In 2020, she had over 110 million likes and 3.5 million more followers than she needed.
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