Understanding Blackjack Odds and Probabilities 

Understanding Blackjack Odds and Probabilities 

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October 19, 2023

Blackjack is generally considered to be one of the most popular casino games played both online and offline. It pits the player’s wit and intuition against the cards and the odds of trying to get as close to 21 as possible. 

Statistically speaking, Blackjack is regarded as one of the games in the casino with the highest odds of winning for the player. We’ll discuss this in a little more detail later in the article but know that Blackjack is often a good bet. However, it also comes down to following a good strategy and knowing what bets to make or not.

It’s important to be able to calculate your odds of success while playing Blackjack, as it takes a lot of quick thinking to make fast decisions while playing the game. This is one of the more important aspects of Blackjack and understanding your odds in real time will either make or break you as a player. Let’s find out more about the odds and probabilities in Blackjack, as understanding this advice will make the difference between a good Blackjack player and a total novice.

So, if you’re totally new to Blackjack, it’s a good idea to understand how the game works before you jump into betting money on it. Luckily, Blackjack is more reliant on a player’s intuition to determine whether it’s worthwhile to add another card to their collection or not. This is the basic premise of the game, regardless of the type of Blackjack you play, and getting a feel for how this works will make the difference between a good player and a bad one. 

There are many types of Blackjack that you’re likely to encounter when entering either a land-based or digital casino. We highly recommend getting to know the differences between these types, as not understanding the rules and the odds in each variant could harm your chances of success. 

Understanding Blackjack Odds and Probabilities

Blackjack Odds
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American BlackJack

This is the most common and basic form of Blackjack and the one that you’re most likely to encounter. Basically, players get two cards and the aim of the game is to get 21 or as close to it as possible, compared to the house and the other players. You’re allowed to ‘hit’ (ask for another card) or ‘stand’ (choose not to accept another card). The average house ‘edge’ (or chance of winning) is around 0.5% to 2% for classic Blackjack, meaning you have pretty high odds. To keep the house edge to a minimum, following the best strategy of when to hit or stand is vital.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack is roughly similar to American Blackjack, except it uses two decks instead of one. Another aspect of European Blackjack is that the house has to stand on a ‘soft 17’ or higher. This gives you better odds, as it means you know that if the dealer has 17 and can’t take another card, you can win with just 18, rather than 21. It’s the ideal option, with a house edge of only 0.40%. 

Crypto Blackjack

Crypto casinos have become hugely popular for their emphasis on providing players with privacy and quick transaction times. They also tend to offer a lower house edge on most games, making them an excellent choice for those looking to make the most of their funds when playing Blackjack. 

The rules of the game at the best bitcoin blackjack sites to play at are the same, and you’ll still find many popular variations, including live dealer and RNG-powered varieties. The lower house edge comes from the fact that blockchain transactions have much lower fees for casinos than credit card transactions, so they can build this extra profit into a bonus for players by lowering the house edge. Also, bitcoin casinos use provably fair technology, which ensures a random yet fair outcome that players can verify. These games are often developed in-house and are cheaper to create and run, hence why casinos can offer players better odds. 

Face-up 21

Face-up 21 is basically the same as European Blackjack except that the dealer has to play with their cards face down so that all the other players can see what they’re playing. This gives you tremendous insight into how each iteration of the game is progressing and gives you a reference point on which to base your moves. The average house edge starts at around 0.69% for this version of the game, making it a little riskier, as players tend to get impulsive when they can see what the house is playing. Patience is key here.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Perfect Pairs is quite a fun variation of the classic Blackjack recipe. It’s basically classic Blackjack in every way, except that it adds a unique element to the betting system. Before you play any hand, you get to place an additional bet that is determined by the odds of you getting the same two cards in your first two deals. For getting the same number on the cards, your odds are 5:1. If you match the same color and same number, your odds are at 10:1 and if you get two perfectly matched cards (same color, suit, and number), your odds are at 30:1. Worth a try for some added fun, but definitely be careful as you can blow through cash making these additional bets, and they greatly increase the house edge. If you do want to play with this side bet, consider using minimal stakes.


Spanish-21 is generally regarded as the most player-friendly version of the game. Essentially, all the 10s are removed from the deck, giving you a lot more chances to ‘hit’ without going ‘bust’ (scoring over 21). You are also allowed to re-split your hand, which means if you have two cards of the same number, you can play them as two separate hands, rather than one. Finally, if you hold a 777 (triple 7) and the dealer holds a 7 of any suit, you generally win a bonus. Some casinos will even increase this bonus if you bet over a certain amount. Definitely the most fun and unique version of this game available! 


Blackjack is probably the most fun you can have at a casino. It’s a really easy game to learn and can provide hours of entertainment. On top of that, it’s a game that gives you great odds at winning, so be sure to start here if you’re new to gambling either online or in the real world. It’s a great confidence booster and provides an interesting and rewarding learning curve. A definite classic for good reason. 

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