Blackjack Superstitions: From Lucky Charms to Bizarre Rituals

Blackjack Superstitions: From Lucky Charms to Bizarre Rituals

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January 3rd, 2024

The game of blackjack is a combination of both luck and probabilities. Knowing when you’re most likely to reach the desired 21 value or be closer to it than the dealer requires a little bit of both values. The game has expanded online as you can play real money live blackjack here, but how can you improve your chances? Some try to enhance luck by observing lucky charms and even bizarre rituals.

The Four Leaf Clover

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A four-leaf clover associated with Ireland is one of the most internationally recognized symbols of good luck. If you’ve ever looked for a four-leaf clover in a patch of clovers, you’ll appreciate that they are rare compared to the conventional three-leaf clover. Given the rarity, if a person finds such a clover, they will often pick it and keep it. Blackjack players are no different, and should they own said clover, they’ll have it in their pocket at the table. Some players have decided to buy merchandise shaped like a four-leaf clover, but it’s hard to believe that goods from a factory still hold the same kind of graceful luck as the rare plant found naturally.

The Lucky Cat Figure: Maneki-Neko

In Japanese culture, people and businesses often display a Maneki-Neko figurine, symbolizing prosperity and good luck. The thought is that it’s paw beckons custom and financial gain. These ceramic figures have transcended Japanese culture and are now seen in various Asian settings. Some Asian blackjack players or gamblers may have a small Maneki-Neko in their pockets or by their side when playing casino games to try to entice good luck to come their way.

The Dala Horse

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Poker is very popular in Sweden, with major players in both online and live settings. How do the Swedish players end up with so much good luck? One element could be the Dala Horse. The Dala Horse is a wooden sculpture of a horse, originally designed to be a toy for small children. The belief is that a horse is a status symbol, and having one will attract good fortune. Therefore, it is common for all Swedish people to have these. Blackjack players and other casino goers in the country will most likely own a Dala Horse to help their fortunes.

Specific Seating

Some players who frequent the same casinos time after time may associate a specific seat as ‘theirs’. Most will say that they believe they play better when seated there, but the game should be the same regardless of where they are sitting. Most are probably just wanting to sit in a familiar place.

Pre-Game Rituals


If you head to the blackjack table, some people will be hot off their pre-game rituals. These can be short exercises or drawn-out affairs. Some people swear by eating the same meal before a play session or showering exactly 20 minutes before going to play. If gamblers do something and they win, they can often think those superstitions won them their bets and not their ability.

Preference for Certain Cards

Some blackjack players might have a certain connection with a particular card. For example, if they fondly remember winning one of their first hands of blackjack with the Seven of Spades, they may always want to play and hit on that card. All the cards have the same probability of coming up, so it makes no difference – but it’s a nice charm to play with. Unfortunately, most people never feel as passionate about the 2 of Hearts because it’s a weak blackjack card.

My Blackjack Shirt!

This one might be the most common blackjack and casino luck charms. Players will wear the same clothes they wore when winning a major prize. Whether that’s a Hawaiian shirt, a red trilby hat, or a luxury pair of underwear, some people will swear by only wearing these garments when they play blackjack, thinking the apparel will help them in the game.

Why try to influence luck?

All casino games have an element of luck. Blackjack, while it includes judgment calls from the players, the cards are not chosen; they are dealt at random, meaning that there are elements of the game that the players cannot control. To make themselves feel better about it, they will try to coax luck in any capacity, as it makes them believe they have more control over the game than they do.

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