How to create product designs that are valuable for users?

How to create product designs that are valuable for users?

Written by Alison Lurie, In Business, Published On
April 13, 2023

When you work on a digital product, it’s important not just to make it great but to provide unparalleled value to the people who will use it. About who is responsible for this and what steps this process consists of, we will talk below.

Who Is Responsible for Providing Value?

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One of the key roles in a team that strives to create a valuable product for its target audience is a digital product designer. It is this specialist who designs all of its components in terms of user experience. At the same time, as a part of their product design service, their main task is to find and describe all possible scenarios of user interaction with the product to make each of them the least resource-intensive and as comfortable as possible.

To do this, product design agencies usually rely not only on their personal experience but also on analytics data, as well as in-depth interviews with representatives of focus groups. All these activities together allow them to develop the best solutions in terms of design.

What Are the Steps for Creating a Product That Is Valuable to End Users?

Let’s start with a definition: a website product design is a process by which user and business interests are brought together to create successful products.

At the same time, such products have three main qualities:

  • they do work for users, that is, they solve some of their tasks and help achieve specific goals;
  • they are improved and transform over time, as the needs of the target audience and general trends in the business niche change;
  • they are comfortable and visually attractive (although we note, the second aspect can be considered a rather subjective concept).

All three of these product designing aspects are achievable when the product designer draws on the ideology of design thinking, which has been developed as a customer-centric way of integrating the needs of real users into technology and business requirements.

Specifically, to implement this idea in the context of work on your product’s visual, you will need to complete the following five steps of product and services design:

  • Walk in the end users’ shoes

To create solutions with a focus on end users, you first need to conduct in-depth research and understand what demographic characteristics and behavioral scenarios are typical for representatives of the target audience (qualitative research usually works well here, for example, personal surveying focus groups);

  • Formulate the challenge

Based on the needs and pain points of the research participants, you have to clearly define the goals of your target audience in the context of your product usage;

  • Do some brainstorming

Before you start developing the right solution to the formulated problem, you and your team need to generate more than a dozen ideas and, by voting, determine the 2-3 most viable ones among them;

  • Build wireframes

Now you will need to visualize the concepts that were chosen in the previous step in the form of wireframes to create physical evidence that you move in the right direction (or vice versa, as too much work has not been done yet);

  • Test

Finally, you will need to re-engage with your focus group to test the wireframes you created and, if everything works as expected, submit them to the implementation. If, at this stage of service and product design, you find any shortcomings, you will need to fix them, re-test the updated versions of the wireframes, and only then proceed to detail them.

Final Thoughts

If you want to entrust all the above product designing stages to real experts, you are already in the right place. Our service and product design experts will help you visualize the most innovative business ideas, making them valuable not only for end users but also for your business. Contact us right now to discuss the details of your project.

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