10 Best Commercial EV Chargers for Sale

10 Best Commercial EV Chargers for Sale

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Automotive, Published On
May 23, 2023
Last modified on May 27th, 2023

With the increase in EV adaptation, the entire commercial sector experienced significant growth. In the latest development, EV chargers are integrated with renewable energy. Buying the best commercial EV charger with durable and reliable chargers to yield faster charging time is important.

In this article, you’ll read about the best EV chargers, their potential, and the pros and cons to assist you in choosing the best option for your business or workspace.

The Top Commercial EV Chargers for Sale

  1. Electrly – Overall best commercial EV charger manufacturer
  2. ChargePoint – Fast charging and reliable
  3. Beny – Known for their reliable commercial EV charger products
  4. Pod Point – Most reliable AC & DC commercial charger
  5. Emporia Energy – Fast EV commercial chargers
  6. SparkCharge – Offers the most portable commercial electric vehicle chargers
  7. Volta Charging – Liked for their easy-to-install commercial EV charging stations
  8. Phihong – Known for their competitive prices.
  9. Blink Charging  – Liked for their customer-based approach
  10. Wallbox – Known for charging solutions for workspaces and businesses.

Electrly – Overall best commercial EV charger manufacturer


Electrly is known for their advanced technology in charging solutions that ensures reliable and efficient charging. Their commercial EV chargers are designed to deliver fast charging speeds and are highly customizable.

The company was founded in 2015 and is known for manufacturing reliable, easy-to-use chargers; they are your best bet as their products tender maximum safety. Regarding safety, it is important to note that Electrly built the commercial EV charger with protection from issues like leakage current, over temperature and more.

Pros of Electrly

  • In-house manufacturing for quality control and quick adaptability
  • Well-known industry partnerships for cutting-edge technology
  • Competitive pricing with bulk discounts
  • High-power DC charger for fast and efficient charging
  • Long design lifetime for reliability
  • Smart app control for convenient monitoring and control
  • High efficiency with minimized standby power usage
  • Top-notch safety features
  • Available for purchase as single units, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Cons of Electrly

  • They may have a higher upfront cost when compared to other chargers
  • They are not as widely available as other chargers

You can navigate to this website for more on Electrly.

ChargePoint – Fast charging and reliable


ChargePoint was founded in 2007 and is famous for providing electric vehicle chargers, including commercial and residential charging stations. They provide various charging speeds and online tools to assist customers. Despite being one of the world’s largest and most open EV charging networks, they are working towards a better charging solution. If you are into safety regarding electric equipment, invest in ChargePoint. All their products are UL and CE certified for safety.

Pros of ChargePoint

  • They are compatible with various electric vehicles. This makes it a great choice for small business owners
  • They are designed with sustainability in mind, using eco-friendly materials
  • They are equipped with smart charging capabilities.

Cons of ChargePoint

  • They require professional installation, adding up to the overall cost
  • ChargePoint chargers require a higher power output

Beny – Known for their reliable commercial EV charger products


Beny is a successful commercial EV charger and PV products manufacturer based in China. Beny specializes in designing, producing, and distributing EV chargers and other related products. They believe in working towards a sustainable world, hence the eco-friendly chargers. They offer a huge range of charging products, from fast to portable EV chargers. The AC EV charger provided by Beny can be used for residential and commercial use.

Pros of Beny

  • It offers various EV charging products, including wall-mounted, portable, and DC fast chargers. Suitable for small businesses
  • It also has a strong reputation for providing reliable and durable products.

Cons of Beny

  • The product line may not be as diverse or extensive as some of its competitors.

Pod Point – Most reliable AC & DC commercial chargers

Pod Point

Pod Point was founded in 2009 in London, UK. It is one of the largest manufacturers and designers of EV charging infrastructure. Pod Point’s commercial chargers are ideal for businesses and large-scale organizations. They are popularly known for offering three categories of chargers home charging, workplace charging and commercial charging. In commercial charging, they are known for enhancing footfall.

Pros of Pod Point

  • They are designed to be user-friendly and can be managed remotely through a smartphone app
  • They have a large network of public charging stations across the UK
  • They tend to offer a range of pricing plans to suit different needs

Cons of Pod Point

  • It has a large network of public charging stations, but it may not be as extensive as other providers
  • The cost of installation and ongoing maintenance may be higher.

Emporia Energy – Fast EV commercial chargers

Emporia Energy

Emporia Energy, founded in 2018, is a company known for developing smart energy management gadgets. Emporia Energy is popular for assisting business owners in reducing the energy cost and efficiency of their businesses. The primary goal of Emporia Energy is to reduce their customer’s energy bills and carbon footprint by introducing them to smart plugs, commercial EV chargers, batteries, etc. They don’t believe in the tricky installation or user manual, but their set-up relies on Wi-Fi.

Pros of Emporia Energy

  • Real-time data monitoring and analytics to help users optimize their energy usage
  • The Emporia Energy app provides detailed information and alerts.
  • Easy installation and setup of their energy monitoring systems

Cons of Emporia Energy

  • The systems depends on a Wi-Fi connection, which could be unreliable in some areas
  • It is not compatible with certain types of electric vehicles


The importance of electric vehicles and their chargers in today’s world is unavoidable. Nowadays, people talk about how they can reduce carbon emissions and lead toward a world that is eco-friendly and efficient when it comes to energy; owning an EV is the best option available.

It is not out of place to mention that EV chargers are indispensable components of the EV ecosystem. Without an efficient charging infrastructure, the whole purpose of introducing electric vehicles will be defeated, and their perspective to reduce carbon emissions and alleviate climate change will be constricted.

Commercial EV chargers assist drivers, businesses, and organizations in getting their work done without hassle. If your business is looking into a sustainability strategy, adding EV charging stations and investing in commercial EV chargers is probably the simplest step.

Lastly, Elctrly is safely the best option for commercial EV chargers. They know their customer’s needs and provide accordingly. They are also user-friendly and offer a huge range of commercial EV chargers for their customers.

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