What is Virtual Hackathon?

What is Virtual Hackathon?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
June 14, 2022

Virtual Hackathons are online competitions that span a period during which participants work on and submit solutions to problems. Unlike physical hackathons, they do not need to be attended at any point. Instead, they take place in an online space where all competitors never meet each other. A Virtual Hackathon is an online event that gathers designers, developers, and business people who collaborate on web and mobile applications while competing against other teams in the same category.

A hackathon is an event wherein individuals work on programming, design, or hardware projects to create working prototypes. Unlike more informal events like programming competitions where contestants present their project after it has been completed and tested, at a virtual hackathon, competitors may offer their project as it progresses and receive feedback from mentors without having finished it first.

Why should I attend a Virtual Hackathon?

Virtual Hackathons are a great way to meet like-minded people and participate in a new, exciting competition without travelling or stressing finding food and accommodation! In addition, they allow you to get feedback from experts and mentors, who are some of the best in their field. Mentors are also very helpful in guiding you through the whole process of planning, designing, and developing your project and giving valuable feedback for your project after submission.

What does a Virtual Hackathon consist of?

Virtual Hackathons are different from physical hackathons in that participants can work on their project at their leisure and submit it when they are ready. Participants will receive feedback from mentors before the deadline, usually a few hours or days after the submission deadline. The goal is to be able to use your programming and design skills and meet with others who have the same passion for these topics. Participants can also show off their projects in an online gallery where everyone can view them.

Learning is encouraged throughout the process, and participants may participate in mentoring sessions and workshops to gain additional knowledge that they can apply to their projects in the future. Given that participants may be working in a time zone different from their own, it is always important to remember to keep in touch with mentors and participants by using the event’s forum or chat room. This will allow you to ask additional questions and provide you with feedback on your project when it is ready.

What are the advantages of participating in a Virtual Hackathon?

Virtual Hackathons allow people from all over the world to participate, opening up opportunities for collaboration with individuals they may never have met. Participants are encouraged to work on a topic that they are interested in and passionate about, which can help them develop skills related to their field of study or career aspirations.

How to prepare for a virtual hackathon?

The best way to prepare for a Virtual Hackathon is to decide on a topic that you are passionate about and one that you have knowledge of or can research easily online. Think about how you can apply your skills to create a fantastic project! Compile a list of resources such as tutorials and documentation that will help you complete your project and find mentors who are willing to give you feedback before the submission deadline. Other recommendations include joining forums and chats related to your project’s topic and requesting feedback from previous participants who competed before.

How does a Virtual Hackathon work?

A Virtual hackathon planning follows a similar format to physical ones, but with some slight differences. The significant difference is that instead of being co-located, you are located internationally, with all the other participants working remotely or online. You will be assigned teams or go solo to create solutions using various tools to deliver solutions based on the problem statement. The judges and prizes will then review these solutions and be given out accordingly.

What are the requirements to participate in a Virtual Hackathon?

Virtual Hackathons require some time and effort from the participant, but some tools can help automate some processes. There will be a few guidelines set forth by Virtual Hackathon organizers, but these are usually very easy to follow.

  • Enlist the help of a team:

The best way to complete a Virtual Hackathon is to enlist the help of a team. Having a group allows you to do more, but it will also give your project an opportunity for more feedback and mentoring before the submission deadline.

  • Learn about your topic:

The key to participating in a Virtual Hackathon is being prepared! The easiest way to do this is by learning everything about your area of interest and including reference materials that you can use throughout the process, such as video tutorials, documentation, and examples. This will help you complete your project and prepare and learn new things as they pop up so that you can incorporate them into your project.

  • Choose the tools that are best for you:

There are many tools available on the web these days, but you will want to choose the most intuitive one for you and one that fits best with your style of expression. Consider which one would suit your project, and then decide which tool will be most appropriate to use to complete it.

  • Research Mentors:

Even if you enlist the help of a team, it will be vital for you to research your project’s mentors. Virtual Hackathon organisers are not only important people that can help guide you, but they are also all experts in their field! You will also want to check out their projects to see what they have done and notice the direction they have taken their projects in. This is a great way to prepare for the competition!

  • Choose Tools wisely:

Choosing tools wisely is an essential part of completing a project, thanks to today’s many choices. Using the most expensive tool is not always necessary; instead, consider which one will work best for your project needs.

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