Ad Tech Trends: What can you expect in the future?

Ad Tech Trends: What can you expect in the future?

Written by Moli Mishra, In Technology, Published On
March 12, 2022
Last modified on March 14th, 2022

Ad tech, short for Advertising Technology, is not a new concept. People in the advertising industry knew about it for quite a while, but it gained tremendous momentum in a few years. As a result, businesses have started incorporating Ad Tech strategies into their current plans.  According to several reports, the Ad Tech industry is set to grow from $438 in 2021 to $1 trillion in 2030. The reason behind this sudden growth is the rising number of internet users. That is why businesses are making sure to use advertising technology to its fullest potential.

Ad Tech Trends: What can you expect in the future?

Like all the other tech industries, advertising technology also undergoes various changes. New trends start to circle the internet every year that help businesses reach their goals. Let’s see some 2022 trends in advertising technology that is set to blow up the market:

Geotargeting and OOH are back:

OOH (Out of Home Advertising) helps businesses target a large audience like other industries were impacted by the pandemic. During the lockdown, OOH placements like billboards were selling fairly low prices. But now, as people have started returning to schools and offices, the demand for OOH platforms is increasing rapidly.

Through Geotargeting, businesses can keep an eye on what their customers are doing and what they want to ensure their OOH efforts are getting noticed. If you have a new business venture, you require assistance from professionals, like Evan Rutchik to understand how to utilize OOH and geotargeting.

Shoppable TV:

You might be rereading the next trend’s name again and again. So let’s understand people who are not unfamiliar with the concept of shoppable TV. Let’s understand it? Shoppable TV is not a new concept, but it has reinvented itself and now allows people to shop using QR codes.

Launched by NBC Universal, Shoppable Tv is looking for amazing growth in the future due to its record-breaking sales. With the introduction of this new concept, buyers could easily make out how good their product is doing by tracking the visits on their websites. However, as good as this product sounds, there is room for improvement.

Will Shoppable TV be the next big thing in the Ad Tech industry? Well, time is the judge of that.

Contextual Targeting:

The new method through which businesses can target their audience is Contextual targeting. With the help of this technology, AI can recognize customers’ needs by using less amount of data. One thing that makes this method stand out is that it does not track customers from site to site. Rather it takes note of the nature of the website and combines it with the user’s geolocation and activities to provide them with relevant advertisements.

AR and VR:

Many e-commerce businesses have started adopting AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) into their advertising strategies in the past years. Reason! People feel more confident and comfortable about the products they decide to buy. Through AR and VR, they can see the products and make a firm decision.

With these tactics, businesses can widen their interaction arena with their customers. VR strategies create an impactful and dynamic experience that helps bring in the right audience. At the same time, AR strategies will help you increase your sales and enhance brand value.

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