Some new features added in macOS Big Sur

Some new features added in macOS Big Sur

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Updated On
April 9th, 2024

Like many other versions of macOS, the features of macOS Big Sur 11 are highly customizable. The only absolute limits on this feature are the limits on your imagination. For example, you can activate features of macOS Big Sur that will allow you to control and customize many aspects of your computer system. One handy feature is called System Profiler.

System Profiler is a graphical utility designed to display a list of your recently used programs, services, and features of Yosemite. You can see which features of Yosemite ran the least in the background, what percentage of those features are used or not used, and how much disk space they take up. It will also show you which of the main applications is taking up most of the system memory.

Some new features in macOS Big Sur:

If you are running high-end graphics, that might make sense. However, if your graphics card is just one of those energy-hogging graphics cards, System Profiler could also be a good feature of macOS to reduce your need for more expensive graphics cards, such as Intel HD Graphics. System Profiler will also help you evaluate your computer’s performance compared to Mountain Lion’s specifications.

Malfunction feature:

Of course, the features of Big Sur can be turned off or changed at any time, but it would be much less frustrating to do so if it was part of the operating system from the start. For example, in previous versions of the operating system, some features of Yosemite were hidden from view, and that could cause certain features of the operating system to run slower or malfunction. But, since those features of Yosemite can now be viewed with the System Profiler, it is easy to disable them and see their performance impact.

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Diagnose system tools:

For example, features of macOS Big Sur 11 called System Tools are not shown with the ordinary diagnostic tools for Windows computers. The System Tools utility is an essential part of the operating system, and it should be able to detect any errors in the computer’s hardware or software.

Unfortunately, some of Yosemite’s features were hidden from view. Instead, you should look for a System Profiler that can detect such features and display them for you. In addition to the features of Yosemite, OS X Yosemite also features support for the development of software like Xcode, which is a tool used by developers to write software applications for the Macintosh computer.

New Finder and MailBox:

Another thing that makes the new features of macOS Big Sur 11 unique is that it comes with a bundle of new features, bug fixes, security updates, and more. The bundle of features of Yosemite includes features of the latest operating system, such as the Finder and Mailbox utilities, and features of the most recent versions of the programming languages, such as Cocoa, Objective C, and JavaScript.

It would have been impossible to implement all these features of Yosemite in previous versions of the operating system. Therefore, it is considered a new and exciting feature of this operating system.

One of the best features of macOS is its compatibility with most of the programs and devices manufactured by Apple, such as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Many other features of macOS Big Sur make this operating system stand out among the others in the operating systems market. Still, one of the most unique features of this operating system is the bundle of new features that comes with it.

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Certainly More security:

All in all, MacOS has many features that make it a new favorite in the world of operating systems. While it may not be as advanced as Yosemite’s other features, it is still considered one of the most appealing features of the newest version of Mac OS X.

The most common external device features of Yosemite allow users to read USB flash drives. This includes SanDisk and Mega SAN, as well as other more common types of drives that can be connected to a USB port using FireWire or Ethernet cables.

While there are a few minor differences between SanDisk and the other types of drives (such as only being able to read files on the FAT32 file system), the features of the device do tend to be more consistent. You can connect a USB drive to Yosemite via either the USB cable or an eSATA port if you prefer.

Faster Bluetooth connectivity:

Another exciting feature of macOS Big Sur is the support for Bluetooth. Apple has not only implemented full support for the technology in previous operating systems, but the latest version of Yosemite also features Bluetooth support. If your device supports the newest version of Yosemite, you’ll find that not only can you connect to nearby Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices, but you can also browse the Internet and even make voice calls!

Although El Capitan is the newest release of the Mac operating system, many people are still unfamiliar with some of its features. The features of Yosemite were actually added to the earlier Leopard operating system, which is also based on Mac OS X. The features of Yosemite differ slightly from earlier versions. Still, the overall layout and user interface are like that of the previous versions. El Capitan also features a new Search feature and a greatly enhanced Finder application.

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Bottom Line:

The features of macOS are primarily focused on making the user experience more efficient. For example, the macOS Big Sur features that allow multiple applications to be launched by clicking on a single icon are handy. In addition, it is now possible to view PDF files natively in the browser without having to download the document first. In addition, there is a greatly enhanced Mail app that features a unified inbox where mail messages come from multiple sources.

Despite being one of the most advanced operating systems, some potential users of macOS might not be aware of some of the features of Yosemite that they can take advantage of. MacOS is still in development, so many of the features of the upcoming operating system may never be available.

However, it is still a good idea for most users to familiarize themselves with all of the latest features of the upcoming operating system. This will allow them to make the most of macOS’s features, whether they are already running on a Macintosh computer or not.

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