Ok Google Lumos Maxima: An emerging feature for Google Assistant users     

Ok Google Lumos Maxima: An emerging feature for Google Assistant users    

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December 10, 2023

If you are interested in the world of Hogwarts, then you must have learned some magic spells while watching every single movie sequel. Lumos Maxima is one of the widest-used spells that illuminate the place instantly. Magic irrespective of being an abstract concept is one of the most loved fantasies. People love to hear about magic and learn magic spells. This is what drives Google to create spells for their users. These spells sound like that of Harry Potter movie spells and can activate Google Assistant. You know that Google Assistant is the voice command service initiated by Google. Google Assistant is a user-friendly application that serves its users with a voice control system.

What is OK with Google Lumos?

Google has launched a new feature through their Google Assistant that will turn on the flashlights of your smartphones. It applies to both Siri and OK Google. When the users say the word ‘Nox’ the flashlight will automatically turn itself off.

This interesting spell along with several others is launched to feature the 20th Anniversary of the reunion of Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts. This feature is designed in collaboration with Warner Bros and Google.

iPhone users can activate this feature while taping the Siri and saying Lumos Maxima and can turn it off by saying Nox which is the counter spell. Android Users must tap on Google Assistant and then say Ok, Google, and name the spell Lumos to turn their flashlights on and say Nox to turn it off.

How to turn on your flashlights using the spell Lumos Maxima?

turn on your flashlights using the spell Lumos Maxima

Many people are opting for this feature because this makes them feel somewhat connected with their best movie which is Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beast. They want to use this feature to cast a spell on their smartphones.

iPhone users

For iPhone users following steps should be taken :

  • Open Siri on your phone.
  • Tap Siri and then say Lumos or Lumos Maxima.
  • You will see that your flashlight will turn on.
  • To turn it off, you can say the counter spell which is Nox.
  • It will turn itself off after following your command.

 Android users

Android users have Google Assistant that helps them in assistance with this feature.

To activate this feature, they can follow these steps :

  • Open Google Assistant on your Android phone.
  • Now speak the command, Hey Google Lumos or Lumos Maxima, to turn on the flashlight.
  • The flashlight will turn on and to turn it off, you can say Nox which is a counter spell.

What are the benefits of using Lumos Maxima?

turn on your flashlights using the spell Lumos Maxima

Some of the benefits of using this feature are

Connection with the magic word

This feature allows individuals to connect with the individual imaginary drum of Hogwarts. People can use this feature as an interesting activity and can show their and can show their joy in getting connected with the magical realm

Comfort or ease

These features allow individuals to experience the comfort of having something done by their Google assistant or Siri in a minimal time. Google Assistant will turn the flashlight on itself, and you can turn it off with a single word. This will help the users to have access to many features without searching for their icons on their smartphones.

Access to new technology

This feature will enable the users to get access to new technology and have far more rapid response service than while using the old methods. Turning on a flashlight takes time as you have to look for the icon, but this feature will make the users realize the advantages of new technological features and this will make us realize how good this idea is for our ease.

What are the other interesting Google hacks designed for Hogwarts spells?

turn on your flashlights using the spell Lumos Maxima

Along with the spells Lumos and Nox, there are several other magic spells devised by Google for Hogwarts’s Anniversary. Some of these spells are

To unlock doors by using Alohomora

You can unlock your phone by using the spell Alohomora. This spell is used by the wizards of Hogwarts to unlock doors, so this spell is incorporated into Smart home assistants like Alexa, Google Smart Homes, or Apple Home Kit to unlock the doors. You can feel like a wizard when using the spell.

To order food by using ‘Accio’

To summon a rider to deliver food to your doorstep you can use the spell Accio. This spell orders food items from food delivery agencies. This can make your food delivery happen at a fast pace.

Should you use it?

Yes, you should use this feature if you are into new technological features, and if you use Google Assistant or Siri, then this feature is probably one of the easiest things you can command your assistant to do.

Final thought

Google always comes up with something exciting and time-managing for its users and this is one of such features that allows the user to automatically turn the flashlight on by using a single command. Lumos Maxima means Illumination and Google Assistant will turn the flashlight when you say this word. This feature is also available for iPhone users.


Q: What happens when you say Lumos on your Android phone?

The word Lumos means illuminate. It allows the flashlight to turn on when you use the word with the help of Google Assistant on your Android phones or even iPhones. This feature makes your trivial tasks minimal, and you don’t have to specifically look for the flashlight icon on your smartphone when you use this feature.

Q: How should I use the spell Google Lumos?

It is an easy trick to turn on your phone flashlight. You can use Google Assistant to say Lumos Maxima. Then this will automatically turn on your flashlight and you can counter-turn it off by saying Nox.

Q: What should I say to Siri to turn on the flashlight?

 You can tap on Siri and then say Lumos. This will turn the flashlight on and then you can automatically turn it off by saying Nox.

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