What can Google Assistant do? Top Features the App Offers

What can Google Assistant do? Top Features the App Offers

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
October 28, 2020
Last modified on December 14th, 2021

What Google Assistant Do?

“Hey, Google” and voila what you say is done in a fraction of a second. Never knew sending commands and getting you things done would become so simple. Google Assistant has got into the life of a common man to such an extent that he relies on it even for the simplest of the task, like ordering a pizza.

The app is so serene and efficient that it provides convenience to users to the next level. You do not even have to pick up your phone, simply utter the words, “wake up” or “hi” or anything that you want to set up to let it start working. Allowing conversational interactions with the device was something available in other platforms as well, but the way Google has adopted the feature makes it advanced and highly professional.

What makes Google Assistant stand out is the level of ease the app has to offer its users. So. if you are amused by the prosperity of the app and wondering how to develop app like Google Assistant, here are the top features it offers to incorporate in your app. However, you must keep in mind that to stand out from the clutters you also need to have a deep analysis of the market and come up with features that can increase the reach and productivity of your application. So, read on and begin your hunt.

Top Features the Google Assistant –

1.      Device Controller

With the help of Google Assistant, you can control your device through other Google devices like Google Home. You can create a well-connected channel where all your devices will stay synchronized to operate. Now from your smartphone, you can control Google Home and in this way, all of the appliances and electronics that are being operated with Home gets linked to your smartphone.

2.      Google Maps

The next best feature is how it allows the accessibility to use maps. If you are on the way to some unknown spot and you cannot gaze on your screen to know the routs, all you can do is to ask your Google Assistant to guide you which route to pick. The app not only saves time will let you follow the directions effortlessly. With audible voice, clarity in communication, AI integrated features to catch the changing directions, Google Assistant becomes the best help while travelling.

3.      Wear OS

Google Assistant allows users to operate Wear OS devices through it as well. You can make your wearables more convenient through the app and enjoy touch-free operations. You can turn on messaging features and calling options as well. You can ask the Assistant to tell you about the time or set reminders. Every feature available on a wearable can be operated using Google Assistant.

4.      Make Appointments

You can use the app to make appointments and set alarms. The app despite the platform you are using whether its Google Home, wearables or even the Android device you can use it help you get the task done. The app will set an appointment that will let you save your time and manage your work efficiently.

5.      Control Your Music

The next feature involves controlling your music. You can easily handle your playlist and enjoy without switching between the tracks. No matter to which device you are using the app provides easy accessibility. Now you can switch between your playlist or directly give command by calling out the song name to your Assistant and it will play it right away. Isn’t it wonderful?

6.      Real-Time Spoken Translation

Are you travelling abroad? or what your employer is saying feels Greek to you? Try using the real-time spoken translator feature of Google Assistant. The remarkable feature can help you translate your spoken commands into whichever language you want. It helps you understand things in other languages without getting involved in any hassle procedure. It is the easiest way to have a conversation in different languages.

7.      Open Apps on Your Phone

You can use the app to open other applications on your phone. You can open the built-in ones as well as the external apps you just downloaded. Google Assistant is designed to provide ease in usability so make the most of it.

8.      Play Games

Do you know you can play games without even touching your phone? Isn’t it amazing? For all those couch potatoes and laziest creatures who feel bored holding phones and using it but still want to get indulged can use Google Assistant to operate it. You can even give commands to play games swiftly.

Wrapping Up

When you plan to build an application you need to make sure that it reaches out to your target audience. It should be designed to increase engagements and convenience for the end users. The application development process must be planned wisely according to the strategy to increase accessibility for the users.

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