Look Out For iOS Development Trends In 2021 And Beyond

Look Out For iOS Development Trends In 2021 And Beyond

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April 22, 2021
Last modified on August 5th, 2021
  • The rapid emergence of technology is considered to have a positive impact on every sector. Technology advancements are effectively reflected with the introduction of advanced apps and games.

So, this year is also going to experience most of the advancements in the field of technology. Currently, a lot of businesses are focusing to adopt this particular strategy for increasing the popularity of their business in the extremely competitive market.

Apart from the basic features, the developers are currently focusing to integrate mobile apps with trending technologies such as AR, VR, chatbots, AI, IoT, etc.

So, in this section, you will get to know important details regarding iOS game development. Other than that, this section will also let you know about the latest iOS development trends in 2021 and beyond.

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iOS Development Trends In 2021

Integration Of VR And AR

In the virtual world, iOS app development is considered to play a significant role. Presently, you can focus on building real-time apps. This also ensures an enriched user experience.

So, the integration of VR and AT is regarded as a major iOS app trend in 2021 and beyond. Some of the popular applications such as IKEA have already included this particular technology in their apps.

This particular feature contributes to providing a better consumer experience. Apart from that, some other examples of AR and VR-based apps include Houzz, Dance Reality, and a lot more.

ATS For Improved Security Of The App


Apple specifically possesses embedded features which tend to provide complete security to your application.

Previously, the biggest concern for the iOS app developers was to prevent hackers so that they are not able to steal the personal data of the persons who are using the app.

But, with the recent release of iOS 13, the developers can now easily integrate ATS for their developed iOS app. Here, the ATS stands for App Transport Security.

iOS Apps That Are Integrated With Cloud Technology


This year, cloud technology is expected to bring a lot of changes and opportunities specific to the iOS app development field. As the cloud-based iOS apps run on the cloud and thereby, allowing the companies to conveniently store a large amount of data.

This particular thing also helps to increase the productivity and effectiveness of the apps. So, the integration of cloud technology is proved to be very helpful for both the app developers as well as the consumers.

As a result, the iOS developers can consider making use of the cloud platform for making the overall development process simpler and quicker.

Some other important benefits of cloud integration include security, reduction of the cost and enhanced scalability of the app, and a lot more.

Significance Of Enterprise Development

In recent days, enterprise development is known to be very important. It tends to provide improved security and great productivity.

The iOS app developers are getting a lot of advantages with the help of this very new trend i.e. enterprise development. This particular trend is helping them to grow their highly scalable enterprise.

Implementation Of Swift 5 By Apple

Apple has currently introduced the Swift 5 programming language. So, the iOS app development companies should focus on implementing this particular technology for leveraging its power to the mobile app-based business.

This is known to be a significant framework that contributes to enhancing the productivity and features of the developed apps.

You will see the incorporation of Swift libraries in all the recent versions of Wearable OS, iOS, and macOS. So, this is an important trend that helps to make iOS apps easier to build.

IoT And Wearable

Due to the continuously increasing popularity of the iPhone, iOS app developers always consider making use of the latest technologies. So, they always focus on keeping themselves updated with the latest technological trends.

While creating the new apps, the iOS app developers use updated technology which helps them to get an extra edge over their competition.

iOS apps that are enabled by IoT will specifically allow you to connect smartphones with the help of bands, wristwatches, and other wearable devices. This helps to effectively facilitate the transfer and sharing of data.

Not only that, but Apple has also currently included a HomeKit program for specifically making use of the technology that is driven by IoT.

Apart from that, customers associated with the industries such as logistics, healthcare, and agriculture are getting immensely benefitted from the integration of IoT into their iOS apps.



Chatbot technology is contributed to offering several important benefits. With the help of this particular technology, the customers can get support whenever required. Now, with chatbots, the customers do not have to wait for long hours.

This technology is also proved to be very helpful for the employees as they do not have to work 24/7 and still the customers can get the needed assistance.

Whenever your business app addresses specific queries of the customer, they can quickly make any decisions related to buying.

In this regard, a lot of businesses have currently come up with this chatbot technology for providing maximum satisfaction to the customers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Machine Learning

AI or Artificial Intelligence will be the new rule this year i.e. 2021. This is a completely new technology which is expected to boost the revenue of a lot of businesses by this year.

As a result, your iOS will get the machine learning power whenever it is integrated with the main framework of CoreML. Very soon, this CoreML will emerge as a leading player in the industry that will make the customizing of iOS app development easy.

iBeacon Technology

This is another new technology trend that is introduced by Apple. Also, this technology is expected to emerge as a powerful one in 2021. In this case, Beacon stands for wireless transmitters which helps in sending signals by making use of Bluetooth technology.

Whenever any iPhone user establishes the connection, they will see a push notification which is reflected with a set message.

For example, if any of the potential buyers pass by the clothing store, the iBeacon sensor becomes activated with the help of which, they will get notifications about amazing offers and deals that they may be interested in.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is expected to emerge as a new iOS trend this year i.e. 2021. Currently, people do not find it convenient to pay for their purchases in cash.

So, the iOS developers are now able to make the payment process faster, quicker, and smoother with the help of integrating payment gateways with Apple Pay.

Privacy Updates

The demand for iOS app development services is on the higher side. It is also expected to rise more in the upcoming future.

These services have become very popular due to their iOS 14 update along with their security features. In this regard, iOS 14 privacy updates are available with a lot of features that you need to consider:

Ø  Certain modification in the geo-location access, as well as an app, install attribution

Ø  Changes in IDFA and store-level control

Ø  Privacy report which highlights the tracking companies

Final Words

So, the above-discussed ones are considered to be some of the latest iOS trends in 2021 and beyond which you need to essentially focus on.

After you have properly understood all of these latest trends, it would be the best time to take maximum advantage of all these new and updated iOS app development trends.

All of these trends will effectively boost the revenue of your business and take your business to greater heights. Therefore, all of the mentioned trends are an integral part of the iOS game development and due to this particular reason, iOS should take this seriously.

Also, they should focus on adopting these trends this year i.e. 2021 for improving their services. Not only that, but the iOS developers must focus on integrating all these advanced technologies for creating a smooth, secure, and more exciting user experience.

But, in this case, the main focus should be on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Core Machine Learning as well as IoT technology which will effectively bring a lot of advantages to your particular business.

Other than that, you should also focus on providing feature-rich solutions specifically in your iOS app which includes the integration of iBeacon technology and wearable devices.

If you want to get the maximum benefits of these particular iOS app trends in 2021, then you should go ahead and start implementing all these trends which is possible by hiring a professional iOS app developer.

But, the particular developer, you choose should have a lot of experience in the app development field.

Along with that, they should also have knowledge related to these new technology trends. Hence, these advanced technological trends are expected to rule in 2021 and beyond. So, this would be the best time to dominate this sector and establish your identity in this particular field.

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