Introducing Zoom Contact Center: Why Is It More Popular?

Introducing Zoom Contact Center: Why Is It More Popular?

Written by Alison Lurie, In Technology, Published On
June 21, 2023


Zoom is the latest addition to the family of collaboration and connectivity tools. The Zoom contact center enhances customer support via video-supported communications.

Unlike most contact center solutions that are only optimized for voice, the Zoom contact center is optimized for video and supports a wide range of channels like web chat, SMS, video, and voice.

Whether in the UK, Ireland, Canada, or the US, you can enjoy all the benefits of Zoom contact center integration. So what is the Zoom contact center? Why Zoom contact center?

What is Zoom Contact Center?

Zoom Contact

The Zoom contact center is a solution optimized for video and assimilated into the same Zoom experience. This solution offers unified interactions together with contact center capabilities.

For instance, let’s assume that your company is a software provider that supports US, Canadian, and UK customers who use Windows or MacBook devices.

If a French customer calls requesting to troubleshoot the MacBook client, the Zoom contact center can route the call to a tech support agent that speaks the client’s language (French) and is an expert in handling MacBook issues.

Getting Started with Zoom Contact Center Integrations

Zoom contact center supports numerous integrations with third-party solution providers to simplify workflows. You can browse a wide range of available integrations and applications in the Zoom App Marketplace. And what’s more? Some integrations are available as plugins and extensions.

Also, Zoom has the Zoom Marketplace feature that allows developers to create their own integrations. To get started with Zoom contact center integrations, you need to create a Zoom account, find and click advanced, then integration in the navigation menu, and enable or configure the integrations you want.

Why Zoom Contact Center?

Zoom contact center is a perfect solution to the increasing need for an all-in-one unified interactions platform. An integrated contact center helps organizations eliminate all the obstacles that result in leading the teams to work in silos. Instead, it increases staff productivity and collaboration.

Also, this integration reduces the burden on information technology teams by deploying a similar Zoom application. Zoom contact center enables organizations to uncover new efficiencies through a plethora of benefits, including intuitive dashboards, scalable features, innovative functions, and remote-friendly application that provides integrations with different help desk solutions.

Additional benefits include enhanced customer service, increased productivity, improved flexibility, and cost savings. Would you love your business to enjoy these benefits? Get started with Zoom contact center integration today.

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