How to Monitor Text Messages on Someone’s Phone Remotely

How to Monitor Text Messages on Someone’s Phone Remotely

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
July 8, 2022

With the latest technology where it becomes easy to communicate with our loved ones, cyberbullying has also increased a lot. So, being a parent it is reasonable if you get anxious to know with whom your child is talking on your mobile phone.

If you want to know how can you track text messages on someone’s phone remotely then this article is right for you. Below we have enlisted two most effective ways to remotely monitor someone’s text messages without them knowing.

How to Monitor Text Messages on Someone’s Phone Remotely

  • Way 1 – Use KidsGuard Pro for Android to Read Someone’s Text Message

One of the most effective and safest ways to monitor someone’s text messages anonymously is by using a third-party app. But with so many options in the market, users often get muddle-headed and sometimes end up choosing the wrong one. That’s why our team of experts have tested some of the most efficient spying apps and found the best one – KidsGuard Pro for Android to track text messages. It is not only inexpensive but also has all the advanced monitoring features that you need to spy on your target user.

KidsGuard Pro is by far the best app that helps to secretly track text messages on your kid spouse, friend or employee’s mobile phone. Users can log in to their dashboard and secretly read and hear all the conversations on text messages and calls. Not only can they read the text messages on mobile phones but also track the real-time location as well as the history of the target device. What’s more, You can also monitor the target device we are browsing history. It is simple and easy to use and takes a few minutes to install and configure the app.

How to Monitor Text Messages with KidGuard Pro for Android

  • Step 1 – Register a KidsGuard Pro account

Monitor Text Messages

To get started, create an account on KidsGuard Pro’s official site and buy a premium plan according to unlock the feature that you need to monitor the target device.

  • Step 2 – Download KidsGuard Pro for Android on the target phone

Monitor Text Messages

Once you have created the account, download and install the app on the target device. Configure the app using the set-up guide and leave the target mobile phone.

  • Step 3 – Monitor text messages remotely

Monitor Text Messages

Once the app is successfully installed and configured, it’s time to monitor the target user’s activities. Open your KidsGuard Pro user dashboard and remotely view all the text messages on your device without any further delay.

What Messages Can be Monitored on Someone’s Phone with KidsGuard Pro?

  • Text messages

With KidsGuard Pro you can read all the incoming and outgoing messages on the target mobile. Even more, you can also access those messages that have been deleted from the target device. So, if your spouse has deleted the messages, you can retrieve them using KidsGuard Pro and get proof of his/her infidelity.

  • Social media chats

Apart from mobile text messages, KidsGuard Pro also enables you to access conversations on social media accounts such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram etc. As a result, no message whether it is on the mobile or social media account can get away from your eyes.

  • Conversation over call

Not only can you read the text messages on your target device but also listen to the conversation over the call. You can also record the call and save it as evidence of your partner’s infidelity.

  • Environment messages

The latest advancement in KidsGuard Pro has added a new feature that allows you to listen to the surrounding environment of your target device. With the help of this feature, you can effortlessly turn on the microphone on the target device and eavesdrop on the conversation between your target user and the people around him. Consequently, you can become aware of any danger around the user or if your child gets bullied or if your partner is having a secret meeting with someone else

What Makes KidsGuard Pro Standing out?

  • Run in stealth mode

It works in 100% ambient mode. Once installed it automatically hides and the target device can never detect the presence of the app. As a result, you don’t need to worry about being caught by the target user.

  • No root

It is one of the safe and secure monitoring solutions. Unlike other apps, users don’t need to jailbreak or root the target device in order to access the data. Simply install the app on the target device and monitor the data from the dashboard.

  • 9+ multiple languages

Another huge benefit of using KidsGuard Pro is that it comes in 9 different languages. So consequently, people from different countries can easily use this app if they are not familiar with the English language.

  • Keyword Alarm

With this advanced feature, now can set a keyword alarm of 15 words. This will enable the app to check each incoming and outgoing message against these keywords and alert the user if it found any keyword in the text.

  • Monitor 30+ Social media apps

Apart from reading text messages on messages, KidsGuard Pro also monitors all the social media accounts on the target device such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more.

  • Remote Monitoring

Another huge benefit of KidsGuard Pro is remote data syncing. It does not matter whether you’re in the office, home, travelling or shopping as long as you have KidsGaurd pro installed on your target device you can remotely access all the information in real-time.

Way 2. Read text messages without installing any third-party app

If you’re a little hesitant to install any tool on your kid or spouse’s mobile phone, there are some other ways that can help you to spy on your target device. One of the best ways to read the messages on your kid’s or spouse’s mobile phone is when they are busy or asleep.

You simply have to wait when they get distracted or fall asleep and quickly go through their text messages. You can also ask them to borrow their mobile phone if you don’t know their mobile password. In this way, you can carefully read the messages for a little longer and can also save them on your mobile phone.

P.S: This method will only work for those messages that are available on the mobile phone, you can’t access the messages that have been deleted.


Now that you know how to monitor text messages on someone’s mobile phone, you can easily monitor your kids, spouse or employee’s mobile phone to read and listen to their conversations with others. Now you don’t need to get confused with other apps that are good for nothing but cost a lot of money. With KidsGuard Pro you can get an inexpensive, trustworthy and efficient tracking experience without any hassle.


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