What are the most significant gambling technology innovations that come from the Nordics?

What are the most significant gambling technology innovations that come from the Nordics?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
October 28, 2022

The gambling industry has a lot of different kinds of features and innovations coming up every year. That is why the gambling industry needs to constantly adapt and evolve to accommodate new market trends, standards, and consumer demands. Most people don’t know that many of those ideas come from the Nordics. What are the most significant gambling technology innovations that come from the Nordics? Let’s find out the three most significant innovations where Nordic countries work as role models to other countries.

Gambling Technology Innovations That Come From The Nordics

gambling technology innovations

  • Improving benefits to society

In Finland, the government-owned betting agency called Veikkaus is helping society with its revenue. According to Finnish betting experts from Vedonlyontisivustoni.com, the Finnish law determines the profit distribution of Veikkaus’s revenue. Finland uses around 50% of Veikkaus’s annual revenue to improve sports and physical education, science, arts, and youth work. They also use about 40% to enhance social welfare.

Finland is not the first country in the world that use gambling revenues to enhance benefits to society. They are still doing it better than most other countries and are one kind of role model in this category. Even inside other Nordic countries, Sweden and Norway are doing lots of good work by enhancing their societies with gambling revenues. These are things that other countries could learn from the Nordics.

Enhancing mobile experience

Nordic countries are well-known for the excellent mobile experience their betting companies offer. That applies especially to Swedish betting sites and online casinos since they have brands such as LeoVegas, and Unibet. LeoVegas is a perfect t example of this. They built the whole website mainly for mobile users. That is not the most traditional way to build websites, and many think LeoVegas was the first well-known brand in the gambling industry to do so. LeoVegas also refers to being the king of mobile casinos, and they have the right to say so since they won several awards with their mobile casino.

In Nordic countries, it’s not only about the mobile experience. It is also about the variety of applications available. For example, in Sweden, almost every casino and betting site has an app to download to mobile devices. Compared to other countries, almost none of them has as many apps available. The quality of the apps is also very unique.

Secured payment methods

Nordic countries, especially Sweden, have become very popular for creating as safe and secure payment methods as possible. There are lots of payment methods that are used all around the

world that are from the Nordics. For example, Trustly, Zimpler, and Brite are all well-known payment methods in the gambling industry, and many people use them daily while completing transactions on betting sites.

Why are Nordic countries so good at creating secured payment methods? The biggest reason is most likely their strict laws and regulations. If a payment method doesn’t provide enough safety or is not good enough compared to Nordic standards, then that method doesn’t have a future in Nordic countries.

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