Dr Anna Becker About EndoTech’s Vision

Dr Anna Becker About EndoTech’s Vision

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Technology, Published On
November 3, 2023

The world of finance has always been one that favors the bigger players. The larger firms have always had the advantage with more and better access – more analysts, faster computers, fancier investment modes and morel.But new technologies are changing that.

And EndoTech is driving changes in investments using AI. Changes that can empower institutional and retail investors alike. And changes that can provide a new risk/reward equation.

EndoTech’s Mission

Our mission is to enable investors to capitalize on the opportunity in alternative investments without buy and hold risk. We do this through advanced algorithmic technological solutions that enable investors to capitalize on the power of digital asset opportunities.

The Challenge of New Markets

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In recent years, the world of investing has witnessed a surge in interest, particularly in high-opportunity markets. While the allure of potential gains is undeniable, the inherent risk of losses looms large in volatile markets.

If you’re an investor, you’ve likely found yourself pondering questions like, “Is it the right time to invest?” or “Have I missed the boat, or is it still too early?” How can you keep a vigilant eye on your investments in markets that never sleep, trading 24/7? Moreover, if you rely on third-party services, how can you be certain that your hard-earned funds are secure?

Dr. Anna Becker’s quantitative development team is building a robust, AI-led approach to investing. This approach is generally restricted to the most exclusive hedge funds, but is now becoming more accessible to investors thanks to dramatic advances in technologies and mathematical tools.

Dynamic Markets Require Advanced Investment Approaches

Unlike stable markets where underlying valuations, earnings, and economic cycles provide a clear roadmap, the dynamics of crypto markets are distinct. Here, the conventional “Buy and Hold” approach, which may work in more traditional markets, often falls short. In crypto, where we’ve witnessed extreme price fluctuations resulting in losses of 70%, 90%, or even 100%, we need something smarter than merely holding onto coins.

Volatility as Risk and Opportunity


For crypto, or digital assets, we have never before seen a market as vast, characterized by wild volatility, offering both substantial risk and remarkable investment opportunities.This dynamic and vibrant market, though tumultuous, holds the promise of a new future and endless opportunities for many. Paradoxically, it’s the very volatility that serves as the fertile ground upon which our AI system thrives. By identifying patterns consistently and with the ability to execute buy or sell orders directly to client accounts, our AI can detect trading opportunities around the clock.

What sets EndoTech’s approach apart is the accessibility it provides. Quantitative trading strategies, once the exclusive domain of institutional investors, are now within reach for private investors.

Dr. Anna Becker Bringing an Advanced Mathematical Approach

Math Bingo math game

Dr. Anna Becker, the CEO and founder of EndoTech. With a PhD in computer science and AI from the Technion Institute, Dr. Becker has dedicated over 20 years to the intricate world of investment algorithms. Her vision is to empower investors with the tools to earn their fair-share, risk-adjusted returns using AI.

AI and Automation for Better Investments

Dr. Becker and EndoTech believe that harnessing advanced technology to make smarter investments should not be a privilege reserved for the financial elite. With hundreds of thousands of investors and hundreds of millions of dollars already benefiting from our automated trading strategies, private investors now have the tools at their disposal to navigate this volatile landscape.

Moreover, EndoTech has taken a crucial step to ensure the safety of your investments. Security is paramount, and their solution is built around client custody. This means that clients enjoy the benefits of automated trading signals that execute directly in their own accounts, with no fund transfers. EndoTech uses a limited API solution that seamlessly connects to popular wallets, further enhancing the security of investments. The EndoTech team remains committed to continually developing and improving our automated strategies, with full transparency provided through trade-by-trade performance data available on our website and within your secure account.

A Future of AI Assisted Investment

What's AI
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If investors are ready to embark on advanced, risk-aware investing, EndoTech, and AI-based investments might be suitable. Investors can select from a range of automated trading strategies and unlock the potential for transformative financial opportunities.

I wish you the best of luck and profitable investing as you embrace EndoTech’s vision for a more secure, accessible, and prosperous investment landscape.

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