Differences between Lightning Sync vs Einstein Activity Capture

Differences between Lightning Sync vs Einstein Activity Capture

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Technology, Published On
January 30, 2023

The main difference between Einstein Activity Capture and Lightning Sync is that Einstein Activity Capture logs both incoming and outgoing emails. Comparing other features, both tools have the same functionality and help sales teams to remain productive. Although there are other alternatives, both tools sync Gmail or Outlook with Salesforce to allow users to access events and contacts in the CRM tool. They are user-friendly and easy to integrate with email/Salesforce.

What is Einstein Activity Capture?

Einstein Activity Capture is used as a productivity enhancement tool. It updates calendar events and emails between Salesforce and applications such as Outlook and Gmail. The tools keep focus on emails, events, and contacts data.

Its key functions include capturing all emails and events from Gmail or Outlook and then updating them in Salesforce. It also syncs contacts and events between Gmail, Outlook, and Salesforce. When you set up Einstein Activity Capture, it helps reduce routine tasks through automation. It instantly begins logging emails and events and can backdate Gmail logs to 6 months and Outlook to two years.

What is Salesforce lightning?

Salesforce Lightning helps streamline business processes. It is a component-based framework used for developing Salesforce apps. It makes the process of developing Salesforce simple for users without programming experience. It comprises several features, such as the Experience Builder, App Exchange, and Lighting Connect, which make integrating Salesforce with other tools easier. Lightning Sync helps sync contacts and emails between Salesforce and email processing tools.

There are major differences between Einstein Activity Capture vs Lightning Sync. The tool by https://revenuegrid.com/ is the alternative for Einstein Activity Capture. Unlike Einstein Activity Capture, which loses Gmail data in 6 months and Outlook data in 24 months, RevenueGrid never loses its captured data. It offers you customization options to give you the freedom to choose which data to store and which one to discard.

Benefits of Einstein Activity Capture

Einstein Activity Capture works by integrating an Outlook account or Gmail account. It then logs emails, contacts, and calendar events into Salesforce, keeping it up to date. It stores Gmail logs for up to 6 months and Outlook logs for up to 24 months.

Here are its advantages –

  • Syncs sent email accounts with received email accounts and saves them in its Activity Timeline. After syncing, it then stores them in categories such as leads, contacts, personal accounts, and sales opportunities.
  • Generation of graph presentations: All data stored in Einstein Activity Capture is presented in graphs that help sales reps to get insights from the data.
  • Capturing important metrics: The tool generates several metrics like last time active, last made calls and total active days.
  • Generates email insights: From the email activities captured, Einstein Activity Capture generates data that give sales reps insights such as customers to follow up and products to suggest.

Benefits of Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning was developed to help people without programming experience configure the various features in Salesforce. It features different advantages for the user – 

  • Sales automation: Salesforce lightning helps with sales automation to help sales teams boost sales, get more leads, and convert customers.
  • It is a component-based platform: To be component-based means users can build applications in Salesforce and integrate them with various Salesforce features.
  • Integration with Einstein: Salesforce lightning can be integrated with Einstein to boost its functionality. Einstein already has inbuilt Salesforce lightning features.

What to choose?

To decide what to choose, understand the differences between Einstein Activity Capture vs Lightning Sync. Compared with Lightning Sync, Einstein Activity Capture provides sales teams with the advantage of logging emails, contacts, and events automatically. It also contains most of Lightning Sync’s features so you can use it the same way you would use Lightning. What to choose depends on your goals, whether you want to build apps or manage your emails, contacts, and events in one place.


There are several differences between Einstein Activity Capture vs Lightning Sync. The tool you choose depends on what you want to achieve. Lightning is component-based which means users can build applications in Salesforce and integrate them with various Salesforce features. Einstein Activity Capture is an automation tool for capturing emails, contacts, and events.

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