Comprehensive Guide to Buying Your Perfect Electric Scooter

Comprehensive Guide to Buying Your Perfect Electric Scooter

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Technology, Published On
December 14, 2023

Taking the plunge into the world of electric scooters can feel like navigating through a maze—loads of options, countless factors to ponder, and a whole range of prices. You might snag a decent e-scooter for $400 or possibly fork out a cool $3,000 for a high-end model.

To make matters more confounding, the web is full of questionable sites sporting so-called “reviews” from folks who’ve likely never even ridden a scooter. This guide will show the e-scooter universe as very diverse, comprising a variety of styles, prices, features, origins, and even levels of customer support.

Buying Your Perfect Electric Scooter

Budget Electric Scooters

Electric Scooter

If you’re on a budget and fancy an e-scooter for light recreational jaunts, like running errands or breezing through short commutes on smooth, flat asphalt, a budget e-scooter could be your ticket. However, if you anticipate daily or frequent use, particularly on challenging terrains, it’s worth considering investing in a more robust model.

These budget-friendly e-scooters often come kitted with a less powerful motor (akin to those on communal scooters, usually below 300W), and their battery life isn’t legendary—expect about 8-10 miles. They typically max out at 15 mph, and the solitary mechanical brake may not be the strongest.

But hey, price doesn’t always correlate with quality! There are some hidden gems in this category that punch above their weight, offering excellent features and performance for their modest price tag.

Budget Commuter 

Stepping into the realm of Budget Commuter electric scooters, you’ll notice an impressive upsurge in various aspects—power, range, speed, braking, and overall performance. These scooters allow you to journey further, quicker, often boasting speeds peaking at 20 mph and delivering a reliable range that can stretch up to 15 miles. Braking systems in these models are notably enhanced, drastically trimming down the stopping distance.

Constructed to handle the hustle and bustle of daily commuting on even surfaces, these scooters can also comfortably negotiate moderate inclines on your route. Despite their robust build, they retain a lightweight profile—usually tipping the scale below 40 lbs, making them easy to fold and carry along.

Budget Commuter e-scooters typically come equipped with powerful motors, ranging anywhere from 300W to 800W, that lend them a reliability and responsiveness that outshines the budget e-scooters or shared scooters. Some models even incorporate suspension for a smoother ride.

A unique trait you’ll find in this category is the mixed tire set-up—air-filled at the front and solid at the rear. This configuration strikes the perfect balance between ride comfort and minimal maintenance. As for the dual-motor feature, you won’t find it in this category, with the notable exception being the standout Unagi E500. Scooters boasting two motors will come into play as you ascend to the next category.

Mid-ranged Commuter Electric Scooters 

Electric Scooter

Welcome to the adrenaline-pumping chapter of Mid-range Commuter Electric Scooters where functionality meets finesse. As we ascend the ladder, performance attributes and features take a significant leap forward. Most scooters in this league proudly flaunt a suspension system, ensuring a plush ride. Carrying more robust batteries and motors than their Budget Commuter counterparts, their range and speed get a noticeable boost.

Scooters in this category often sport motors rated up to an impressive 1000W, and some even come with dual motors, enhancing acceleration and uphill battles. They typically reach thrilling speeds north of 25 mph and can go the distance with a range surpassing 20 miles per charge.

However, this heightened performance and feature set does add to the weight. Many models in this category cross the 40-pound mark, making them a bit of a handful to lug around. Your arm muscles will definitely feel the burn after hauling these beasts!

Premium Commuter Electric Scooters

Say hello to the crème de la crème of electric scooters—the Premium Commuter class. Ready to treat their riders to an outstandingly smooth, safe, and extended range ride, these scooters pull out all the stops. You’re talking superior suspension, hefty motors, generous batteries, and upgraded brakes.

But remember, with great power comes… great weight! Don’t be taken aback if these beasts tip the scale beyond 60 lbs. This could make maneuvering them into your car or hauling them upstairs a bit of a workout.

Let’s talk speed and stamina. These high-end scooters are designed to hit top speeds of 30 mph and even beyond, with a single charge whisking you over 25 miles. The heart of these scooters, the motor, commonly ranges from 1000W to a whopping 2000W. And yes, some models come with a dual motor set-up for a supercharged performance. But there’s more! These beauties are built to handle heavier riders, too, comfortably supporting up to 330 lbs in some models.

Performance Electric Scooters

Electric Scooter

Introducing the Performance Electric Scooters, the speed demons and endurance champions of the e-scooter world. With dual motor setups delivering up to a whopping 2000W of power, these bad boys can hit top speeds of 40 mph and scale most steep inclines without breaking a sweat. Their battery prowess leaves many in awe, most models packing over 1000Wh capacity, ensuring a real-world travel distance of 30 to 40 miles on a single charge.

But speed and range aren’t the only tricks up their sleeve. These high-performance scooters also boast premium features that set them apart from the pack. Think large tubeless pneumatic tires measuring in at 10-11 inches and advanced suspension systems for superior handling and a smoother ride. Not to mention semi-hydraulic or hydraulic brakes delivering exceptional stopping power and control. Plus, they come equipped with powerful lights and turn signals to improve visibility when riding in low-light conditions.

Extreme Perfomance Electric Scooters

Think of Extreme Performance Electric Scooters as the Formula 1 race cars of the scooter world. They represent the pinnacle of performance, speed, and quality. It’s in this league that you’ll find the creme de la creme of dual motor scooters, flaunting breathtaking acceleration and unbeatable performance stats across the board.

With their dual motor setups, these beasts can easily clock over 40 mph, making every ride feel like a thrilling chase scene straight out of an action movie. And they’re not just about speed – these scooters also offer extended battery lives, enabling epic adventures up to 40 miles on a single charge.

Their quality is evident in the top-tier suspension systems that absorb every bump and thump, making even the rockiest terrains feel as smooth as a well-paved road. And for those sudden stops, they come equipped with hydraulically-activated disc brakes capable of handling their incredible speeds.

When it comes to off-roading, they are the undisputed kings, thanks to their large pneumatic tires and muscular motors. Their construction is a testament to superior craftsmanship, featuring wider decks than your average scooter and a build quality that redefines durability and performance. The materials utilized in their production are of the highest quality, promising an unparalleled riding experience.

No matter what you prefer, iScoot has a wide range of electric scooters to cater to your needs and budget, from entry-level commuter scooters to top-of-the-line performance beasts. So why wait? Join the electric scooter revolution today and get an iScoot electric scooter now!

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