Apartment Real-Time Surveillance: The Prevention of Crime

Apartment Real-Time Surveillance: The Prevention of Crime

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July 16th, 2023

Everyone is aware of the simple definition of crime. It is any sort of illegal or unlawful act which is punishable by law.

Crime can be of several different forms such as

  • Murder
  • Robbery
  • Assault
  • Burglary
  •  Kidnapping
  • Arson

And the list goes on and on. According to data, Larceny or more commonly known as theft is the most common type of crime and usually more than 7 million cases are reported each year. This type of crime outweighs any other sort of crime but that does not mean that other crimes are less important and that we should be paying less attention to them.

Most of these crimes of theft, burglary, and robbery are prevalent in an apartment complex or an apartment building usually considered a residential property.

One must ask why the rate of criminal activities such as theft and robbery is higher in multi-family residential areas than in any other type of property. Reason being that in such apartments, there are no security alarms for apartments.

People assume that since it’s a shared residence, multi-family residential live camera security and residential security will automatically be provided but that is not the case. Usually, these complexes do not contain security camera service or wireless cameras.

Maintenance and cleanliness of the property are important but the security of the apartments and their residents is equally important. Hence, we should pay special attention to the security property management of the apartment which includes installing POE cameras and 24-hour security cameras which provide live video surveillance, and live video monitoring.

why do many criminals target multi-family residences

Let us have a detailed look at the main reasons why many criminals target multi-family residences more than other properties.

  •  Multi-family properties have increased population densities. People think that the presence of more people will keep their belongings safe and there is no need for multi-family residential live security surveillance.

What they do not know is that in such dense populations, it is not easy to recognize who has criminal tendencies. Your next-door neighbor whom you trust so much might have observed you for a long time just to perform the act when you are on vacation.

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The minute you come back they will be sympathizing with you and you would have zero clue as to what happened because you would never suspect the people you trust. At that moment you would think how great would it be if you had a security alarm for apartments or a home security camera.

  •   An apartment complex has many shared facilities that are used by all the residents such as a gym, lobbies, laundry rooms, and parking lots which are even difficult to monitor in the absence of network multifamily security.

Even in these cases, security guards are rendered useless as the human eye can be easily deceived. Unlike human beings, apartment complex security cameras are not only hard to deceive but also help catch criminals red-handed.

  • People residing in such properties have limited control over access to the building. Hundreds if not thousands of people enter and exit the building daily so it would be hard to tell who came and went since there is no security camera monitoring.

Wireless security cameras for apartment buildings would come in handy in this regard since they can easily monitor the residents and the non-residents who entered and left the building throughout the day. Later it can be used as evidence in case of any suspicious activity.

  • Usually, such complexes do not have a tight-knit community. Hence, it is easy for any type of person to blend in without people noticing. People usually depend upon multi-family residential live security camera monitoring which is common for all residents and do not take any specific measures of their own to protect themselves or their properties.

It is not only petty crimes such as theft, robbery, burglary, etc that occur in these apartments but also major crimes such as murder, kidnapping, assault, etc are common in such residential areas for the same reasons as stated above.

It is not easy to understand the transient nature of these criminals who commit such acts and leave no clue behind. Hence, it is important for residents to take care of their own safety and not depend on their neighbors to take care of their property while they are on vacation.

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The Importance of Multi-family Residential Live Surveillance for Property Owners and Managers

Surveillance camera

If you are an investor who owns or manages a number of apartment complexes then you should also be aware of the negative impacts that arise from not installing network multi-family alarms and home security cameras.

Usually, people who own multi-family complexes rent them out to other people. This process of renting out your own property is more risky as in case of accidents you have to take up most of the responsibility. There are several reasons why investors who are renting out their apartments should install a security camera without wifi throughout the entire apartment complex.

  •  Insurance companies recognize and acknowledge the importance of a set operational security system in place in lowering risks and protecting the properties.

Hence, they provide lower insurance costs and better coverage options. This real-time surveillance is an example of a proactive risk management method.

  • Live monitoring and surveillance systems can help defend landlords and property managers from false liability claims.

In times of accidents or disputes, having solid video footage can help settle conflicts by clearly establishing and documenting the timeline of events by providing impartial and objective evidence.

  •  If any sort of crime occurs in a building owned by you it can permanently damage the price of that apartment or the entire building for a long time. This is because, in many cultures, people consider it bad luck to move into places where such mishaps have occurred.

This can ruin your name in the market and as a result, the price of the rest of your investments can also be damaged. Even generally people are scared to move into such properties because they think since the previous residents experienced such misconduct because of a lack of security and facilities provided by the owner, they would also face problems in that regard.

  • If the residents know that the owner has installed live video monitoring systems and security cameras they would feel more at ease residing on that property. It generates a sense of trust and confidence in the property management’s commitment to their well-being, which increases resident happiness and retention. As an investor, you would also be able to make your name in the market and attract more clients.
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How does a Video Surveillance Company help in this Regard?

why many criminals target multi-family residences

Video surveillance companies are generally created for the protection of people. These companies provide many different types of cameras and services such as business security cameras, home security cameras, multi-family complexes security cameras, and much more.

These companies use the most advanced surveillance cameras in the market with 2-way audio. The guards always have their eyes on the live footage as if they are on the scene in real-time.

They use very smart artificial intelligence with the help of which you will be only informed when there is a real threat so you do not have to worry about false alarms. All security and video surveillance companies work in different and specific ways but most of them follow the same procedure.

Whenever the camera detects motions or any sort of suspicious activity it will inform the guards. The guards will then inform the responsible authority be it police or paramedics in case of any medical emergency.

Having such security all the time will help the residents of the complex relax and have peace of mind which is good for their mental health. Video surveillance companies play a very important role in the prevention of crime and should be hailed for their efforts to make this world a safer place.

To summarize, in this day and age where the excessive crime rate is taking a toll on the mental health of residents of a property, it is important to take preventive measures to avoid any grieving circumstances.

These preventive measures can be taken by the residents of an apartment complex themselves or by its owners or managers. If the correct measures of installing security cameras are taken at the right time it can help prevent life-threatening situations. People should be taking help from video surveillance companies that are made for the purpose of protecting people.

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