Zonbase Review: Taking Your Amazon FBA Business to New Heights

Zonbase Review: Taking Your Amazon FBA Business to New Heights

Written by Alison Lurie, In software, Published On
August 7, 2023

Zonbase is an Amazon research tool that may be used to find lucrative products, forecast sales, identify common search terms, and keep tabs on competitors. It is easy to use and reasonably priced, but there are certain evident warning signs that make dealing with them risky. So, in this article let’s see Zonbase Reviews.

What Is ZonBase?

55% of customers start their online shopping searches on Amazon.com. 90% of customers examine Amazon’s product offers for prices, which indicates that even if they locate a product on the website of another retailer, they compare that item’s cost and specifications to those on Amazon.com.

The software for Amazon sellers is called ZonBase. You can use it to research products, optimize your keywords, and put your products on the appropriate Amazon shelves. This evaluation will outline the services provided by this software so that those considering purchasing Zobase are fully aware of the potential advantages of doing so. ZonBase gives sellers everything they need to succeed, including tools like radar monitoring that help track the sales trends of competitors.

ZonBase Features:

Amazon sellers can use Zonbase, a web-based cloud platform with 13 features, to assist with three crucial stages. These all take place in one location and include product research, sales optimization, and listing optimization for your products on the website. Consumers may find all the information they need to make informed decisions about their product research in the toolkit for product research.



ZonResearch, a component of the Zonbase software suite, is among its most popular tools. You can rapidly filter through Amazon’s whole database with a few mouse clicks. To find profitable items that meet your chosen criteria, you can use this tool to scan their database of more than 400 million products.

Product Research Tool:

Before starting to sell anything on any online platform, the first step is to conduct some market research on the products you intend to provide. Making the right product choices for your company might make or break it. If you make a sensible choice, your winning product will definitely bring in a lot of money. The money you initially invested could be lost, though, if you make the wrong choice.

Chrome Extensions:

Chrome Extensions

One of the most popular methods for checking Amazon sales statistics right now is by using browser extensions. They are primarily exceedingly lightweight and easy to use. Since a large, space-consuming program doesn’t need to be installed, almost every machine can use it.

Sales Estimator

Have you considered any product ideas? Do you also know what the ASINs for those products are? The best way for you to use these fundamental ideas is to combine them and use a Sales Estimator.

The Sales Estimator tool allows sellers to estimate the number of sales a specific product will generate in a given month. If you’re interested in an item, just type its ASIN into the search bar. You can also pick the market from which you want the data to come.

Hot Products:

Of course, you’re interested in learning about the hottest trends and best-selling things right now on Amazon. You may easily examine the top-selling products in any category by selecting the “Amazon Best Sellers” option.

The best sellers list is clearly a useful resource for locating products that are in high demand, however, there can occasionally be severe competition. The Hot Products tool makes it simpler to identify product opportunities with untapped potential. The Hot Products tool searches for the top 100 most honored products in response to an increasing sales trend. Additionally, it searches for goods with fewer than 30 reviews.

Sales Optimization Tools:

Successful product development is one thing, but high sales volume is quite another. Yes, it’s essential to find a product that succeeds. You cannot just adopt a “build it and they will come” mentality, though. You still need to put in the necessary effort to optimize your product listings. This is a necessary step if you want search engines to find your products.



What use is it to design keywords if you’re just going to list them and don’t monitor their performance? If you do that, you won’t get any results. You can watch your keywords’ performance and discover how they affect your conversion rates with ZonTracker, a keyword-tracking tool from ZonBase.

Using the tool, you can also monitor how well your listings are performing for specific keywords. Additionally, it provides in-depth evaluations that highlight any flaws in your listing or keyword strategy and displays the monthly search volume for any phrase of interest to you.

Reverse ASIN:

Using this technology, you can exceed your competitors in their own games. So, what is your procedure? Simple. Use the Reverse ASIN tool to discover the keywords they rank for. Competitors generally keep and protect these keywords in secrecy since they profit from them. These unusual terms can be easily found using this program. Once it is complete, you can start incorporating them into your product listings to attract visitors from search engines. It can also be used to improve the bids for your PPC ads.

ZonBase Reviews:

ZonBase is the best tool for conducting research and selling on Amazon. With FBA tools for sellers like price checking or competitor monitoring, even if you lack experience, it’s easy! It will be difficult for your competitors to compete with you because you will be able to profit from popular things that are currently selling well.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned Amazon seller, ZonBase offers the tools to boost the amount of potential customers who view your products.

Zonbase Pricing:

Zonbase Review

Customers profit from ZonBase’s pricing strategy since it lets them scale as necessary without having to worry about going bankrupt. The pricing is fair for ZonBase. Unlike its competitors, it is not utilization-based. In other words, regardless of how many items you sell, you will always pay the same amount each month!

Standard Plan Price:

The price of the standard plan is…

Monthly: $37/month

Annual: $30/month

Legendary Plan Price:

The price of the Legendary plan is…

Monthly: $97/month

Annual: $67/month

Diamond Plan Price:

The price of the Diamond plan is…

Monthly: $297/month

Annual: $200/month


We hope that this Zonbase review allayed any doubts you may have had regarding the database’s dependability. It gives everything you need to succeed on the Amazon Marketplace and is definitely worth the price.

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