Benefits of Outsourcing SEO to an Agency

Benefits of Outsourcing SEO to an Agency

Written by Alison Lurie, In SEO, Updated On
November 1st, 2023

The way your company manages its online presence directly impacts the number of clients you have, the amount of business profits, and a strong brand image. As of now, all those parameters are connected to the way your company makes success in SEO.

That’s a huge load of work that becomes the burden of marketing teams. Although your marketing department has enough prominent tasks, they need to devote a maximum of their time to developing and implementing white hat strategies. Surely, there are effective black hat strategies that can bring faster results. However, in the long run, your company risks losing the trust of customers and what’s more important, the algorithms’ trust.

Search engine algorithms are not humans. However, they keep an eye on the methods and tactics your SEO experts deploy to boost your online presence. A couple of mistakes, poor and scam strategies and your website’s ranking will plummet.

Benefits of SEO to an Agency

The attention to SEO must be constant. Not every company can invest in building a new team that will be responsible for all those tactics. That’s why outsourcing has become a preferable option. Businesses, no matter their size or revenue, research the best SEO agencies to scale up their marketing efforts. Apart from obvious benefits, companies that choose to outsource get even more pros.

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We’re going to deep dive into the profitable and advantageous results companies get when outsourcing SEO.

Benefits for any company

Get more time to devote to other pressing marketing tasks

SEO Audit is Important

Your marketing department might be overwhelmed with the number of tasks they do daily. If your team’s small, they’ll have to pull a double to monitor and analyze the best ways to increase the website’s rankings.

An outsource team will become a time saver for your business. Professionals will be focused only on what’s relevant to SEO. They will analyze the current state of affairs and suggest a plan for improvements. That’s how the burden of SEO monitoring will come off the shoulders of your marketing team. They will devote more time to other pressing tasks and that’s a great investment in getting outstanding results.

Saving in costs

Building an in-house team is a long and tedious process. If you wish to get fast and impressive results, you need to build your team with professionals who don’t need training. A professional needs a high salary. According to Glassdoor, SEO specialists make from 52 thousand dollars to 87 thousand dollars a year on average. Your company needs not one specialist but a team, so you can calculate your expenditures.

When considering a young specialist, there’s no way you’ll get fast results. Sure, they get humble wages, however, how much money will you need to invest in their training? Moreover, how much time will it take to start getting impressive results? When outsourcing, you don’t pay wages, you only pay for the job you need to get done.

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Access to advanced software and tools

Technical SEO
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An SEO team can’t complete tasks just by using their computers. They need tools and software to implement tactics and strategies and analyze SEO outcomes. Subscription to professional software is worth much money. You need not a couple of professional tools, but a list of them.

When a marketing department’s budget is already high, you need to increase it even more to invest in advanced tools and software. During your research of tools that will be effective, you’ll use the hit-and-miss method until you find the most promising programs.

Outsourcing suggests you can skip all of this. You get a team of SEO professionals who already know and have the tools they need. There’ll be no research, no testing, no expenditures. They depict a problem and find a solution. That’s how it works.

Get a solid marketing plan

Affiliate Marketing e

It’s not a secret that SEO is about creating content, using keywords, building links, etc. However, there should be a right approach to all those strategies. You cannot just publish posts or use random keywords and wait for a growth of organic traffic. It’s all about finding what’ll work for a particular company.

You need a high-quality assessment of the current state of affairs. Based on the current data, professionals will develop a solid marketing plan in no time. The most important thing is that they will develop a competitive strategy that will lead to a shift in your web resource’s ranking.

A solid strategy includes the following:

  1. Development of keyword strategy;
  2. Analysis of direct competitors and their SEO tactics;
  3. Building a strong company image through link placements in authoritative web resources;
  4. Technical SEO audit;
  5. E-A-T optimization, etc.
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The outsourcing team will analyze what you already have and develop the best-case scenario which will affect the organic traffic increase, improvement of user experience, improvement of rankings, and so on. You just have to wait for results and monitor improvements.


If there’s a goal to boost online presence, then SEO efforts must be maximized. Not every company can afford to build an SEO team full of professionals. In such a case, there’s no better option than to outsource. Apart from cost savings, companies get plenty of benefits. The most important thing is that companies get results, which include an increase in organic traffic.

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