Things to consider when demolishing a building

Things to consider when demolishing a building

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March 27th, 2023

There’s an age for everything so has the building. If a building is beyond the scope of repair, it’s better to demolish it. When starting a new construction, demolition is the quickest way to get rid of an old construction that is of no use.

However, there are certain things you need to consider before starting the demolition process. Read on to learn more about them.

Different methods to demolish a building

demolishing a building

Before starting the demolition process, you need to choose a suitable way to demolish the building. This depends upon your budget and what the situation allows. Below are a few ways to demolish a building. For Demolition services, you can contact Bella today

  • Wrecking ball

Wrecking ball is one of the most common methods to demolish a building. It is a giant ball of metal or concrete that weighs more than 12,000 pounds. This ball is attached to the crane through a long chain.

The work is simple; the ball swings like a pendulum and hits the structure hard. However, this action should be carried out by an experienced professional because the reverse swing may hit the crane and create damage.

  • Excavator

Safer than a wrecking ball, an excavator consists of a long arm attached to a base machine, which is used to demolish the structure from top to down. This method is generally used for tall buildings made of steel, stone, reinforced concrete, etc. You can find and rent an excavator machine in almost all cities easily. Just search it on Google like this — excavator hire Melbourne, excavator hire Sydney, etc.

  • Explosive

Explosives are the quickest way to demolish tall structures in urban areas with tight spaces. Remember, this method requires a certified specialist to use explosives for demolitions in the area.

  • Hands
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This is the slowest way to demolish a building. Usually practiced in high-density and sensitive areas. This method not only takes a lot of time but also costs money to employ many workers, but if only a part of the building requires demolition, then this is the best way to go with.

8 things to consider when demolishing a building

demolishing a building

  • Permission to demolish

Depending upon the location and size of the building, you may require permission from the local government. If you don’t know the process, don’t worry; let your demolition company know, and they will help you with the same. You often need permission from the local government for large structures and heritage properties.

  • Survey of building

Before demolition, it is essential to survey the building about its various characteristics, such as its material, location, surrounding community, traffic, drainage, construction type, etc. This helps the demolition company decide on the plan of action which will be suitable.

  • Risk assessment

It is crucial to take into account the risks that are involved with the demolition. What would be the impact on the surroundings, whether the building contains any materials which can be hazardous to the workers, such as asbestos, mold, chemical, AC systems, etc.?

  • Surrounding areas

Make sure the surrounding areas of the demolition building are clear. Check for any animals, humans, other buildings, and parks that may be affected by the destruction. If your building is attached to another property, you must talk to the neighbor and tell them about your plan of action.

  • Service disconnections

Every property consists of some sort of connection, such as water, gas, electricity, etc. You must ensure that these services are disconnected before the demolition. If ignored, this negligence of yours may create devastating effects on the neighbor’s properties.

  • Warn the neighbors

Be a responsible person and be aware of your neighbors about the disturbance you’re going to create for some time. This little effort from your side saves you from unwanted complaints and problems during work.

  • Safety and Security

Make sure the demolition team covers up the area of the demolition site and restricts public traffic for some time with hoardings and fences. Also, let the people know if any radioactive or flammable substance may spread into the atmosphere.

  • Disposing of materials

Many items from the demolition site can be re-used but not all. Consult with the demolition team for the best way to dispose of waste and other hazardous substances.

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Demolition is a responsible task. The owner of the property as well as the demolition team must ensure to consider all the above things during the demolition process. Additionally, ask the local government for any regulations or permissions to avoid problems in the future.

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