How to Get Fast and Reliable Crane Hire for Your Melbourne Construction Projects

How to Get Fast and Reliable Crane Hire for Your Melbourne Construction Projects

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In General, Published On
June 7, 2024

Are you running a construction project with tight deadlines and need a crane in a hurry? Unless you have access to capital at your fingertips, finding a reliable crane quickly could be challenging. However, you could do what many project managers are doing, and that’s considering reliable and fast crane hire services!

But how do you make sure what the crane hire Melbourne service providers offer is efficient, affordable, and safe for on-site work? Keep reading to learn more and discover how to get a fast and reliable crane hire without compromising work performance and deadlines.

5 Tips for Getting Fast and Reliable Crane Hire Services for Melbourne Construction Projects


1. Work With a Team of Melbourne Crane Specialists

There’s no shortage of crane hire services in and around Melbourne, but if you’re looking for consistent and reliable service, you must be selective! Work with a team of Melbourne crane specialists who listen to your needs before picking the best lifting and cranage machine for your project tasks.

Crane hire specialists should be able to offer you an extensive range of cranes for all your cranage needs.

2. Find a Cranage Hire Company That Offers All Crane Types

Cranes come in different sizes, lifting and weight capacities, and performance levels. Knowing what type of crane you need helps you to pick the best machine for your project needs. However, you save a lot of time by choosing a hiring company that offers a range of cranes. This gives you access to different cranes quickly if and when you need them!

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Look for a rental company that supplies the following crane types:

  • Mobile cranes for heavy lifting and moving jobs
  • Franna cranes for versatile functionality and excellent performance
  • Mini or compact cranes for tight spaces and urban settings

When picking a crane hire company, look for one that offers crane trucks for heavy-duty jobs across different terrains.

3. Pick a Crane Hire Business That Provides 24/7 Nationwide Services

Fast and reliable crane hire services should include 24/7 support around the country. Meeting project deadlines often means transporting heavy machinery after hours, and hiring the following services, day and night, is a cost-saving solution:

  • Traffic management
  • Supply of pilot vehicles
  • Route surveys
  • Traffic control

Consider hiring administration services to save you time and money while leaving you to focus on project details that need your attention immediately. Project management, obtaining compliance documents, and performing lift studies are time-consuming but necessary. Outsourcing these services to a hire company gives you the space to run the project efficiently.

4. Partner With Experienced Crane Hire Specialists

It’s essential to work with crane hire specialists who have many years of experience in the industry. Cranage experts are knowledgeable, up to date with the latest developments in crane hire, and able to give you the best advice for your lifting and moving needs.

Experienced crane hire specialists ensure they have a certified and modern fleet of heavy machinery to meet most construction lifting and moving requirements. A professional crane rental company places a significant emphasis on safety, ensuring all its cranes meet the stringent standards stipulated in the industry. Lifting and moving jobs can be made less hazardous with the following safety features:

  • Safe access points (grab rails, ladders, and stairs)
  • Ergonomically seat design for comfort and postural support
  • Environmental controls to reduce operator’s heat stress levels
  • Visibility (windows, mirrors, and proper windscreens)
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Before partnering with a rental company for all your cranage needs, check that their machines are fully certified and safe to use.

5. Pick a Hire Company That Handles Machinery Transportation

Machinery transportation from one site to another involves time-consuming logistics and expert handling to reduce project downtime. Picking a hire company that can move your cranes between sites is beneficial and cost-saving, especially if you don’t want to add more staff to your payroll.

Work with a crane hire company that can confidently handle heavy machinery relocation seven days a week, 24 hours a day! The hiring specialists must handle requirements such as state permits and pilot vehicles and use skilled operators to transport cranes nationwide. With the right team handling your crane transportation needs, you have peace of mind your project will run smoothly.

Final Thoughts

Crane hire makes excellent sense when you want a cost-effective alternative to buying heavy machinery. But, working with the right crane rental company is a must-have if you want to benefit from top-class customer service and quality machines. Knowing what to look for when picking a team of crane hire specialists narrows your search for the best company to handle your cranage needs.

A final tip! Look for a company member of the Victorian Crane Association or The Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA). Members are required to conduct their services in a professional manner that complies with regulatory authorities and the Australian government.

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