Benefits of Investing in Kingdom Valley General Block

Benefits of Investing in Kingdom Valley General Block

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May 10, 2023

The housing societies concept emerges in Pakistan in the last few decades as the best investment opportunity. Among those housing societies kingdom valley, Islamabad is one of them. It gets an immense reputation because of so many reasons such as it is an approved project under the Naya Pakistan housing scheme. The approved reference number is DRG/PHATA/2176-2021. Other enjoyable services are flexible payment plans, a variety of blocks, installment plans, services, varieties, etc.

When it comes to kingdom valley blocks, it has different blocks such as Kingdom valley general Block, executive block, and residential and commercial blocks.

All of these blocks give residents a modern lifestyle and the best living standard. That is why investing in kingdom valley general blocks gives so many benefits to its people. But first, let’s have a look at kingdom valley Islamabad’s general block.

Benefits of Investing in Kingdom Valley General Block

Kingdom Valley General Block

Kingdom Valley General Block

Kingdom Valley is developed by a well-known kingdom group. The general block of Valley is the well structured and well-designed project. It offered residents a beautiful and luxurious lifestyle. The general block is affordable and economical for individuals.

One thing that people can enjoy is its payment plan. The Kingdom Valley general block payment is for four years. And you have to pay eight bi-annual payments in forty installments. For confirming your plots and houses in the general block you have to pay a down payment and deposit fee. The prices for general block plots start from 975,000 which is economically suitable for everyone.

General Block Plots and Payment Plan

The plots of general blocks are of different sizes and the Kingdom valley general block payment plan is affordable. It is categorized according to everyone’s affordability. The plot sizes are:

  • 5 Marla plots and its price starts from 750,000 with 40 monthly installments.
  • 5 Marla plots are offered at 975,000 with 40 monthly installments.
  • 8 Marla plots are offered at 1,350,000 with 40 monthly installments.
  • 10 Marla plots are offered at 1,650,000 with 40 monthly installments.
  • 1 Kanal is offered at PKR 2,500,000 with 40 monthly installments.

General Block Benefits for Investors

The general block is offering a wide range of facilities and amenities to its residents. When people invest in something, they need such as property they want profit from it. Such as selling of property gives them a better rate of return. Kingdom valley general Block is the opportunity that people want to avail because of getting profit from it. It is affordable, profitable, and provide a wide range of modern facilities an individual dream of. General block offered services are:

Master Plan

Kingdom valley’s general block location is close to the main entrance. The competition increases as people are availing of these opportunities due to their affordability. Its location makes it accessible to other blocks. The block is kind of a masterpiece from the developers’ side. There are no requirements for booking plots here.

Noc Status

Every place that has a NOC and is approved by government gets immense attention. The legality of the project also increases the price of the property. That is why the general block is getting attention due to its legal status. It is approved under the Naya Pakistan housing scheme. Therefore, when you sell the property, it gives you profit in return. The NOC of the general block makes it a reliable and trustworthy option for customers.

Environment Friendly

Investors get a peaceful environment when they invest in the general block of kingdom valley. It provides residents with a waste management plan. Plants and green trees are everywhere which makes the environment a peaceful living place. Garbage and waste badly impact the environment so general block management has a plan for it so that environment stays clean and safe.

High-Class Infrastructure

The infrastructure of the general block makes the housing society the best among all other societies. Building structures and designs are developed by well-known designers and contractors. Buildings and their modern designs are sustainable and future-oriented so that investors can enjoy the life in best housing in Islamabad.

Other Facilities

General Block is offering basic facilities to its residents such as water, gas, electricity, shopping malls, healthcare centers, academic institutions, parks, sports clubs, and so many other facilities one can ask for. So, from investors, point of view general block is the best investment option.

Concluding Thoughts

Kingdom Valley is one of the best housing societies in twin cities. It has so many to offer for investors such as well-structured buildings, healthcare centers, institutions, malls, parks, business hubs whatnot. The valley is giving lifesaving facilities and amenities. In addition, investors can get profit from Kingdom valley general Block as when they sell it, they can get a better rate of return on investment. So, book your plot and houses with lead marketing and get the best investment opportunity.

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