YouTube Comes With A ‘Pause’ Feature To Manage Video Comments Better!

YouTube Comes With A ‘Pause’ Feature To Manage Video Comments Better!

Written by Sophie Robertson, In News, Published On
December 9, 2023

The new feature makes it impossible to add comments to videos while keeping the ones that are already there. Other comment moderation options on YouTube have also been renamed for clarity.

YouTube producers now have a new moderation tool at their disposal: the ability to suspend comments. This means that creators can protect their videos from having any new words added to them while still keeping the ones that are currently there. The tool gives creators more control over comment management and allows them to “take a break from managing comments if they become overwhelming,” according to a blog post published on Thursday by YouTube.

Before this modification, YouTube creators could either turn off comments entirely or hold them for human inspection before publishing, effectively controlling what would have been a commenting free-for-all otherwise. We’ve reached out to YouTube for further information regarding the global availability of the Pause feature and will provide an update whenever we receive a response. The firm claims that the quality is already rolling out.

Link of the post: YouTube Creators – YouTube

YouTube Comes With A 'Pause' Feature To Manage Video Comments Better!

In the same breath as its announcement, YouTube rebranded several of its moderation options to make them more user-friendly. Instead of having to squeeze options like “Hold potentially inappropriate comments for review” and “Increase strictness” into any options menu, consumers will just see three basic choices: On, Pause, or Off. Toggle between three alternative moderation levels—None (totally unmoderated), Basic (holds “potentially inappropriate” comments for review), Strict (has a wider range of words for evaluation), and Hold All—when you enable comments.

On the watch page of the YouTube app or in YouTube Studio on desktop or mobile, you can discover the new pause option in the video-level comment options.

Authors’ Freedom of Expression

The official rollout of YouTube’s Pause feature is currently underway after testing began in October. For more versatile comment management, the experimental group’s creators and moderators praised the Pause option.

Optional Controls for Previous Comments

There were few tools available to developers for handling comments before Pause. They had the option to moderate comments before they were published or remove words from their channels altogether.

Gaming on YouTube

As an incentive for YouTube Premium subscribers, the company has launched a new collection of mini-games dubbed “Playables.” With over 30 of these games available, users may play them right now without having to download anything. The playable can be accessed on desktop, iOS, and Android devices.

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