Why Nobody is Reading Your Company Blog

Why Nobody is Reading Your Company Blog

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Published On
February 22, 2022

Are your blogs not attracting the kind of traffic you want? Are they failing to go viral even though you give it your best shot each time? Well, there could be several reasons why your company blogs fail to hit impress.

Perhaps your topics are irrelevant, your content is too technical, or your tone is entirely wrong. If you talk to a marketing company, you will discover how promotional strategies and content quality affect your popularity.

At times, companies also have overly high or unrealistic expectations from blogs and their performance. It is great to be optimistic but expecting each blog your company posts to go viral is also unrealistic. You can call it a problem only when you’re still failing to get more than a handful of views after a couple of months of regular posting.

Why Nobody is Reading Your Company Blog

Why Nobody is Reading Your Company Blog

In this article, we will outline some of the most common reasons why nobody is reading your blogs.

  • Blogs are Off-Track

Let’s suppose you’ve been actively following a digital marketing company’s website to stay updated on their blogs. What do you normally find on such a site? Surely marketing advice, tips and, insight. But one fine day, you visit the same company’s page hoping for another stellar piece on marketing only to discover a blog on dog snacks.

Would that make any sense? Surely not!

The success of a company’s blog depends on the topics it chooses. If it does not concern their specific industry niche or their target audience, it won’t gain views. Even if the reader is fond of pets, he/she will not read your great article. Since that blog post does not feature marketing strategies and information, it is not worth their time.

A company’s blogs must be relevant to their business nature, and the blog topics must stay consistent with that niche. Hence, if your blog traffic is trickling down, perhaps now is the best time to check the reliability, predictability, authenticity, and relevance of your content. If it’s not checking all those boxes, it’s time to upgrade your content writing team.

  • Lack of Originality

The second most common fault we find with blogs is the lack of originality. If a company’s page features blogs that others are already writing, your topics are unoriginal.

Why would the readers give your blogs any attention if they find better writing on the same topic and more valuable information elsewhere? Not only that, the readers will even come to describe your content as poor quality, or worse, imitation. You can’t expect to win more readers against an already established dedicated readership.

If this is the problem with your blogs, you can fix it with a few corrective measures. You could begin by producing topic ideas that no one else has covered yet or not covered the way you have. The best approach here is to write upon industry changes or news that will educate readers. Second, if you do have to write on a common topic, then at least try to structure it uniquely and freshly.

Simply saying the same thing with different words doesn’t provide any real value. Provide new data, aesthetics, and angles that differentiate your blogs from others.

  • Unhelpful Idea

The value in your information is what can help make it go viral. But if your ideas add no value to readers’ lives, will your readership increase? Definitely not!

Here’s another thing. You may have years of blogging experience, but if your ideas are outdated or impractical, you will lose readers. The only way to keep your readers coming back for more is to give them value-added blogs. Remember, they’re here to consume content. Therefore, strive to provide well-researched and valuable reading material consistently.

Any content that directly addresses the reader’s problems will gain views. This, in turn, will also establish your authority in the industry!

  • Lack of SEO

SEO has come a long way from when keyword stuffing could rank blogs at the top of the search results on Google. Now, there’s no way incomprehensible and senseless content can move past rigid SEO metrics.

SEO has improved massively in recent years and is now highly crucial in blog writing. Multiple social media strategies will boost your posts’ traffic, but it does not guarantee long-term success.

You can only win a steady stream of views and traffic online when you use SEO appropriately in your blogs and rank them high in the search results. We know improving one’s SEO skills takes time, but that’s just what you must gear your content writing team up for.

Use search engines. Plugins and other useful tools to monitor and improve your content’s SEO. Your social media platforms also boost your readership through linking internal blogs and external authoritative sites in your blogs. In addition to high-quality content, these mindful SEO practices will also increase your visibility.

  • Lack of Attractive Headlines

The first impression is the last. And the headlines of a blog make the first impression. If they’re not catchy, attractive, or relevant, they’ll fail to entice readers to read your blog.

If you wish to make more readers click on your blogs and read them, you must capture their attention with witty and catchy titles. They also say it’s the lure, not the rod, that pulls the catch. If your titles sound dull and fall flat, would it make your readers wish to continue reading? Of course not!

Final Thoughts

Many studies prove how people merely read fifty percent of a post, lose interest, and move on.

It’s important to discover the root cause of why nobody reads your blogs to avoid this fate for your company’s blog. Once you discover its shortcomings, you can employ various tools and corrective techniques to fix the quality, originality, and relevance of your content while making it more attractive!

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