WhatsApp Introduces Erasing Voice Messages Features To Protect Your Privacy

WhatsApp Introduces Erasing Voice Messages Features To Protect Your Privacy

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December 8, 2023

The implementation of the disappearing voice notes function by WhatsApp is intended to safeguard the privacy of its users. The following describes how to utilize the feature. Read the article.

View Once for audio messages is a recently introduced feature on WhatsApp that enables users to transmit voice messages that vanish after being listened to. WhatsApp described the new feature as comparable to the View Once feature, which was introduced in a blog post in 2021 for photos and videos.

The feature of disappearing voice notes is intended to increase the confidentiality of your messages. You are, therefore, no longer required to be concerned that your voice message will be forwarded to another individual. You can effortlessly activate this function and transmit the voice memo without concerns.

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WhatsApp stated in its blog post announcing the feature that a disappearing voice message could be helpful in a variety of circumstances. For instance, it could be used to communicate confidential information to a friend or when orchestrating an unexpected event and wishing to prevent unauthorized access to the message.

With the added assurance that you can share sensitive information via voice message when planning a surprise or reciting your credit card information to a friend, this feature provides additional peace of mind. The company noted that to maintain consistency with View, Once photos and videos are taken, voice communications are conspicuously labeled with the “one-time” icon and are limited to a single play.

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Erasing Voice Messages
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To send a voice message that vanishes, simply record the message as usual and then touch the newly added one-time icon before sending. The recipient will be granted a single listen to the message before its removal from their conversation history.

Similar to other personal messages on WhatsApp, vanishing voice messages are, by default, encrypted end-to-end. This means that the message is visible and audible only to the sender and recipient, with no access granted to WhatsApp. Additionally, WhatsApp announced that the global rollout of the View Once feature for voice messages will occur in the coming days. Please refer to the WhatsApp Help Centre for further information on its functionality.

The implementation of vanishing voice communications is the most recent among a succession of privacy-oriented functionalities that WhatsApp introduced recently. Alongside the capability to delete messages for all participants in a chat, WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption for all news and calls, in addition to enabling the viewing of videos and photographs at a later time. WhatsApp enabled all users to access the Secret Code feature a few days ago. Users can generate a unique password using words or emojis to secure their conversations.

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