Introducing Brilliance: Your Next-Gen AI Companion in Glasses

Introducing Brilliance: Your Next-Gen AI Companion in Glasses

Written by Alison Lurie, In News, Published On
February 9, 2024

Brilliant Labs, a pioneer in innovative technology, unveils its latest marvel: Brilliance, the ultimate AI-powered wearable gadget poised to revolutionize daily life. Competing head-to-head with industry counterparts like Humane’s AI Pin and Rabbit R1, Brilliance sets a new standard in wearable AI technology.

Sporting a sleek, unassuming design reminiscent of standard prescription glasses, Brilliance packs a punch with its micro-OLED display and advanced multimodal AI capabilities. Promising to endow wearers with what can only be described as “AI superpowers,” Brilliance is now available for pre-orders, with shipping slated to commence by April.

The Brilliance experience begins with its lightweight design, tipping the scales at under 40g, comparable to average prescription glasses and just slightly heavier than sunglasses. Its hardware features two layers of lenses, with an augmented reality (AR) lens on the outer layer and an optional space for prescription lenses on the inner layer. The micro-OLED display, seamlessly integrated into the optomechanical enclosure, ensures a crisp visual experience bonded to a thin geometric prism optic for optimal performance. Similar to the Apple Vision Pro, Brilliance utilizes magnet connections for easy assembly, with circuitry housed in the temples and battery discreetly placed in the temple tips.

Beyond its sleek exterior lies a treasure trove of features designed to enhance everyday life. Brilliance boasts visual recognition capabilities, providing detailed descriptions of objects in sight. It offers real-time translation of the text, displays nutrition details of food products, facilitates live web searches, and even generates and overlays images in real-world environments using the AR lens. Powered by OpenAI’s cutting-edge AI models for visual analysis and live translation and backed by Perplexity AI for live web search, Brilliance delivers an unparalleled user experience.

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Available in Cool Gray, H2O, and Smokey Black, Brilliance can be pre-ordered for $349 (approximately Rs. 29,000). As a bonus, Brilliant Labs includes Mister Power, an innovative power bank accessory that attaches seamlessly to the rim between the lenses, ensuring extended battery life for uninterrupted use. While Brilliant Labs currently offers AI services for free with a daily usage cap, a premium tier with enhanced features is on the horizon.

Step into the future with Brilliance, your indispensable AI companion in glasses, redefining the way you see and interact with the world.

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