CES 2024: AI-focused Announcements from Samsung, LG, and Nvidia

CES 2024: AI-focused Announcements from Samsung, LG, and Nvidia

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December 31, 2023
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In 2023, generative AI had a boom spearheaded by Meta, Microsoft, and Google, which sparked an AI arms race. AI innovations, such as LG’s smart home AI and Samsung’s AI-infused fridge, are anticipated to be showcased at CES 2024.

Along with other IT behemoths like Google and Microsoft, Meta led the charge for generative AI in 2023. These big names reportedly got into an AI arms race and unveiled chatbots and other cutting-edge tools. Lots of companies are getting ready to show off their AI innovations at CES 2024, so everyone is getting excited.

Notably, LG is getting ready to unveil its smart home AI, while Samsung is getting ready to present its AI-infused refrigerator. Before the January 9th event in Sin City begins, let’s take a look at the upcoming AI announcements.

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The Bespoke 4-door Flex Refrigerator with AI Family Hub will be unveiled at CES 2024, according to a noteworthy revelation made by Samsung on December 27. This state-of-the-art gadget can analyze the contents of your fridge and recommend meals based on what it finds using its AI-powered cameras. Using a predetermined dataset built from over one million food images, Samsung claims it can identify up to 33 different types of fresh food. Also, the fridge can keep tabs on the water filter and let you know when it needs replacing.

LG Smart Home AI Series

According to an article in Interesting Engineering, LG’s AI agent will be showcased at the forthcoming CES as the main attraction of LG’s Smart Home. With its two legs and built-in visual and auditory interfaces, this robot may work as a personal helper. Its clever management of various smart home appliances and Internet of Things devices extends well beyond its conversational skills. The robot keeps tabs on things like temperature and air quality in real time, which is rather remarkable. It can move around, control smart home features, and even keep an eye on the house, all in the spirit of being a robotic companion.

Smart TV from LG

An article in Tom’s Guide states that at CES 2024, LG is supposed to unveil a 98-inch QNED TV with picture upgrades driven by artificial intelligence. The A8 AI engine supposedly powers the TV, allowing it to use deep learning to enhance texture and fine details in scenes involving faces, objects, and backdrops. According to LG, the TV will provide a more immersive viewing experience with its three-dimensional picture quality and meticulous HDR optimization.


Nvidia recently revealed in a blog post that it intends to exhibit AI innovations at CES 2024, with generative AI being the most noteworthy discovery. Details are few, but rumors have it that this could be the first AI chatbot from the corporation. Nvidia will also be hosting multiple sessions at the event, with an emphasis on AI-powered gaming, robotics, and business tools.

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