iPhone Users Facing Call And Internet Issues After Setting Up This iOS 17 Update

iPhone Users Facing Call And Internet Issues After Setting Up This iOS 17 Update

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January 2, 2024

Although Apple released iOS 17 to address security issues, it appears that the update has introduced additional problems.

iPhone Users Facing Call And Internet Issues After Setting


There have been reports of issues with the iOS 17 upgrade that Apple released as an emergency for iPhone customers not long ago. After installing iOS 17.2.1, several users have complained on the company’s community forum that their iPhones are experiencing problems with the call network and internet.

After installing the most recent iOS 17.2.1 update, customers of the Apple iPhone 14, iPhone 15, and other iPhone models across the globe are encountering problems with cellular connectivity. Apple released the most recent iOS 17.2.1 software update last month, which includes significant bug fixes. When the update was released in most countries, this is what Apple said.

Following the iOS 17.2.1 update for iPhones, several users have reported issues with network connectivity and call quality. This update may have introduced new problems for specific users despite its stated goal of fixing battery difficulties. Some of them even went so far as to say they swapped SIM cards to improve the call reception on their iPhones. Other users have complained that their internet connection is prolonged despite having a fully charged cell signal.

The physical antenna is usually the source of these problems. Still, since they began with the latest iOS 17 upgrade, it’s plausible that some of the connectivity functions were interfering with the components’ actual operation.

Apple will probably work on a fix—maybe another software patch—for these iPhone owners as soon as it recognizes or even registers these difficulties. Problems with calls and the internet aren’t the only thing some iPhone owners have noticed; a shorter battery life is often a sign that the gadget is overheating. An unstable connection can put a lot of strain on the iPhone’s antenna, which drains the battery faster.

Many people had problems with their iPhones, so Apple released a new version in some regions. According to a press statement issued by Apple in Japan and China, the update is intended to address an issue with iPhones that lead to rapid battery loss. All these problems bring up another worry related to the real worth of these updates. People will be reluctant to install future updates, even if the company stresses the importance of establishing the update immediately if they see that subsequent fixes that are supposed to improve things make things worse.

What is the Latest Update Concern with Apple?


While Apple’s most recent update, iOS 17.2.1, did address several long-standing issues with battery drain and other bugs, it did not provide any new capabilities to the iPhone. On the other hand, following installation, many users have reported experiencing new cellular connectivity problems. Also, some iPhone owners have said “heat issues” after updating to the latest software, in which their phones begin to overheat at inconvenient intervals. Reportedly, iPhone owners have taken to Apple’s support community forum to air their grievances about this.

Methods for Fixing the iOS 17.2.1 Update Problem

On the Apple Support Community Discussions website, iPhone users have mentioned a few workarounds. Here, you will find detailed instructions on how to reset your device to factory settings, delete all VPN profiles, and reset your network settings. Users also have the option to install the newly released iOS 17.3 beta. Users may get their connectivity problems fixed by installing the public beta of iOS 17.3, which was released before iOS 17.2.1.

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