iPhone WhatsApp Users Can Share Photos And Videos In Original Quality

iPhone WhatsApp Users Can Share Photos And Videos In Original Quality

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December 5, 2023
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A new feature that allows iPhone users to exchange media in its original format on WhatsApp is being released as part of a major update to the messaging network.

WhatsApp released an iOS update. Photos and movies can now be sent in original quality.  This allows messaging app users to send high-quality files.WhatsApp is allowing iPhone users to exchange original photographs and videos in a significant update. This means WhatsApp for iOS users no longer have to send compressed material and hunt for other ways to share high-quality information with pals.

After a recent update permitted users to send media in “HD quality,” the platform’s low-quality media sharing limitation was lifted. The latest update bypasses compression, preserving shared content’s quality.

The latest WhatsApp 23.24.73 update on the App Store lets users easily transfer media in its original quality as a file. The previous upgrade enhanced quality but still compressed photographs and videos, but this latest addition lets users send them as files without losing quality. The changelog says this new option will be rolled out over the next few weeks, so some users may not notice it right away.

WhatsApp has added a Secret Code function for talks, a massive privacy upgrade. WhatsApp users may lock their highly private chats, but there was a workaround. The platform lets users use the same fingerprint password for WhatsApp’s private chats as they do to unlock their phones, so if someone registers their fingerprint on your phone, they can access your WhatsApp messages.

The new WhatsApp update

The new WhatsApp update

  • The new WhatsApp update tightens security by introducing the Secret Code feature for all users. You may now lock your communications with a secret passcode using words or emojis.
  • Open an existing WhatsApp chat or start a new one to use this feature. Choose Photo or Video, and press the “+” icon to the left of the text input area.
  • Tap the blue arrow to confirm the media selection. Please note that this function limits file transfers to 2GB.
  • The chat window will no longer display media previews when submitting these files. Users can tap files to access them, adding surprise to shared information.
  • WhatsApp is also testing a similar function for Android users, but its availability is unknown.
  • WhatsApp is adding a capability on iOS to save photographs and videos as documents. WABetaInfo reported that WhatsApp’s 23.24.73 iOS update’s official changelog allows users to “easily send original quality media as a file,” instead of the app’s compressed methods.

A limited group of iOS users tested this feature in November, and it is now available to all. The changelog says this is going out “over the coming weeks,” so it may take a while to show on your device. When it does, hit the “+” under chat, select “Document”, and then “Choose Photo or Video.” WhatsApp receivers can tap the file to view photographs and videos, but previews don’t appear in the main chat interface. The function limits file transfers to 2GB.

WhatsApp has been testing the same feature for Android users since September, suggesting a stable release is imminent. Previous WhatsApp fixes required manually altering file extensions to PDF or DOC to transfer full-resolution images and videos. Along with WhatsApp’s summer HD Pictures update, removing that extra step simplifies sharing high-quality media. We have asked WhatsApp when Android users might anticipate the same upgrade and will update this page if they respond.

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