Why do customers get excited about Black Friday? The best tips to get income

Why do customers get excited about Black Friday? The best tips to get income

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Marketing, Published On
December 7, 2022

The big sales day is coming. It means that it is the greatest time of the year to update your products` descriptions or add that much-needed pop-up on your website. You’ve come to the perfect spot if you want to study some of the top sales strategies and other Black Friday marketing ideas.

First, let’s examine the significance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for online shops.

Why is Black Friday so important?

Why do customers get excited about Black Friday? The best tips to get income

The American traditions of Black Friday and Cyber Monday have spread to other nations, where consumers are being provided with the biggest discounts of the whole year. The Friday after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, and the Monday after that is known as Cyber Monday.

Time-sensitive deal offers, discount coupons, social media promotions, and email campaigns are all part of Black Friday marketing. They should be a part of online retailers’ Black Friday e-commerce strategies. Both online and offline, it is one of the greatest yearly buying occasions.

Online sales and thus turnover on both days have risen steadily in recent years. They totaled 7.4 billion USD on Black Friday in 2019 and roughly 9.4 billion USD on Cyber Monday in the USA alone.

However, due to the epidemic, business was a little bit slow last year. According to The Wall Street Journal, Black Friday sales income has declined by around 30%, while the number of people who visit physical stores has decreased by 50%.

Nevertheless, it is a significant purchasing occasion, and e-commerce firm owners could use limited-time deals as a tactic. Even though the number of Black Friday shoppers may have decreased, more consumers said they will be looking for Christmas season offers online.

But how can you provide your consumers with a really memorable online buying experience? Here are a few pieces of advice.

Best practices for Black Friday​

  • Get ready as soon as possible

Retailers who want to benefit from price wars must have a strong, well-thought-out pricing strategy, so it’s a good idea to start planning a few weeks in advance.

  • Set objectives

  • What are your objectives for sales level and profit?
  • Are you attempting to sell out a particular product or category?
  • Is there a strategic objective, such as to increase sales or cut prices to improve your price image?
  • Consider potential situations

  • Which pricing approach can provide what amounts of income, profit, and sales? Software for pricing might be useful here.
  • What potential negative repercussions may high sales rates have in the weeks after Black Friday Will it possibly just result in a change in demand?
  • Could rapid growth in sales cause a lack of supplies?
  • Organize pricing and marketing approaches

  • On your social media networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, promote your deal the day before and on Black Friday.
  • Employ Google Ads to run adverts and use targeted internet advertising (on Facebook, for instance).
  • Consider including email marketing in your plan. Send your consumers an email a few days before Black Friday and Cyber Monday to let them know about the best discounts and deals available.
  • Create unique offers

  • Make a landing page just for Black Friday so that people may learn more about your deal. Additionally to aiding with SEO, this makes it simpler for shoppers to look up your business and its goods.
  • The night before Black Friday, provide discounts to devoted consumers. Send them to a customized landing page with exclusive deals for “loyal customers.”
  • If clients leave their shopping carts unattended, send them a reminder, preferably with a discount voucher.
  • Provide a flexible return policy because many shoppers purchase Christmas presents on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Customers find it particularly enticing to offer returns after Christmas.

Best Black Friday marketing strategies

By including more functions, you may boost the effectiveness of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns:

  • Start a Black Friday email marketing campaign

A Black Friday campaign may be easily sent if you already have a consumer base. Free email marketing templates are available for Black Friday and other holidays on well-known email marketing sites. Selecting your preferred design is all that is required. You may change pictures, add or delete interactive components, and modify any element. You may send campaigns to the contacts and consumer categories of your choice on a scheduled basis or immediately.

  • Start ahead of time with promotions

Who says your Black Friday campaign can’t be several Black Fridays? You can choose to begin with a Black Friday pre-sale a few weeks beforehand. Sending early-bird notices one week sooner is the most typical choice. You may enhance your chances of making a sale by sending out more Black Friday and deal reminders.

  • Offer extra gifts

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. The same holds true for choices like free delivery and gift-giving. The price of the product itself needs to incorporate the costs. Always keep in mind that “buy two, get one free” promotions are the best.

  • Add a personal note to build customer loyalty

Choose something customized if you want to set your company out from the competitors. Your efforts and commitment to providing excellent customer service will eventually be rewarded. You must convert them into devoted clients if you are looking for long-term business chances.

  • Use SEO tools to find sale ideas

Did you realize that Black Friday Nintendo Switch offers to generate 10,000 monthly searches alone in the US? Even on Google Trends, you may get helpful information despite the difficulty of using advanced SEO tools.

  • Start building your email list for the next year

Although sales are cyclical, lead creation should be a constant effort. In just a few minutes, you can develop a quality newsletter subscription and begin email collection. Retargeting your website visitors with a string of text messages is a potent technique to encourage them to come back and think twice about your offer.


Some companies can make more than half of their yearly profit in only a few days around Thanksgiving. Black Friday is the pinnacle of competition if operating an internet business is like playing a competitive sport. You should make every effort to be totally ready for this day. Try out one of the most cutting-edge customer care solutions for small e-commerce enterprises to check off some of the most important items.

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