Top 9 LinkedIn Tools That Help You Profit From Your Profile

Top 9 LinkedIn Tools That Help You Profit From Your Profile

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Marketing, Published On
September 21, 2023

LinkedIn is a social network for finding and establishing business contacts.

It is considered the best social network for promotion in the B2B segment. Companies can attract potential customers due to the following advantages of the platform:

  1. An extensive audience of professionals interested in products for solving business problems;
  2. Effective targeting methods;
  3. Ability to use SMM methods to attract organic traffic.

To better promote your company on LinkedIn and increase your profits, you need to use effective LinkedIn tools.

Free LinkedIn Promotion Tools

Best LinkedIn Tools
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Content strategy development

The term “free” refers to technologies that do not require payment for content promotion. At the same time, content generation is also a cost for the marketing department. And since you need to generate content constantly, you should be economical with spending your budget and time.

At the moment when an interested audience begins to form around your company profile, there should be a content strategy thought out for many months ahead. As in any social network, a large number of posts are published on LinkedIn – only more than 100,000 articles appear every week. This means that you need to fight for the attention of the audience, otherwise, you will have to forget about organic traffic. Companies that publish at least once a week get twice the audience engagement.

The main advantage of a content strategy is getting organic traffic and increasing sales. According to LinkedIn statistics, a potential customer considers 10 pieces of content before making a purchase decision.

Using engaging content

It will be difficult to attract an audience by publishing only short news. However, other types of content are also implemented on the platform. The potential of each should be considered.

  1. Articles are much more popular than regular posts, they have viral potential.
  2. Reactions to a publication are doubled when a large high-quality image is added. LinkedIn recommends using images with a resolution of 1200×627 pixels.
  3. A video is reposted 20 times more often than a text post.
  4. Compared to a regular video post, LinkedIn Live broadcasts get 7x more engagement and 24x more comments.

Group communication

Professionals from all over the world willingly share their impressions about what is happening in business. Someone talks about new opportunities, someone shares negative experiences. So, in thematic groups, dialogues are formed between people who understand well the problems and tasks of a particular business area. If you keep up the conversation in groups, creating a positive image of your company, you will be able to attract the attention of the target audience for free and establish contacts with a large number of people.

Create your own groups

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Of course, the longer the social network exists, the more thematic groups have been created. But you can always analyze existing communities and think about how to organize a new one that will respond to a specific request of the target audience. The group can be open or invite-only.

Remember that the main thing is to create a positive image of the company and build trust with community members. Using your own group does not provide instant sales, but forms an idea of the business’s expertise.

Paid promotion tools on LinkedIn

Viewing ads on LinkedIn increases the likelihood of a purchase. Before proceeding to the description of existing tools, it is worth noting that in this social network, the audience does not welcome aggressive advertising that imposes purchases. B2B audiences are not prone to emotional or impulsive decisions, so don’t expect the audience to turn into leads after seeing two or three ad posts. On the contrary, the ability to interest and build trusting relationships is highly valued. Therefore, use paid promotion methods with the expectation of a slow conversion.

Using Retargeting on LinkedIn

Retargeting in a social network is an effective tool that allows you to show an advertising post to people who have already visited the corporate website. Moreover, in Matched Audiences, you can add contacts of leads with whom negotiations are already underway – this way you can reduce the burden on the sales department and at the same time remind the potential client about your business once again.

Buying a Premium Account

Communication on LinkedIn is allowed only after establishing contacts with the user. This is one of the fundamental principles of the social network: the formation of a real circle of contacts, and not an accidental stuffing of spam. However, using the paid InMail function, it becomes possible to contact specialists from different companies, even without having common acquaintances.

To do this, you must have a Premium account. Depending on the type of subscription, the user receives a certain number of InMail messages that he can send during the month.

LinkedIn Post Promotion

Best LinkedIn Tools
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LinkedIn post promotion services provide you with paid post promotion. This is a good way to talk about your company and the problems the product can solve.

LinkedIn Integration with Sales Funnel

A special marketing product implemented in the social network is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. In addition to premium features such as InMail and enhanced site search, LinkedIn Sales Navigator syncs leads with many popular CRM systems.

Even better, LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides automatic lead discovery based on search history and profile views.

Using Lead Generation LinkedIn Tools

There are many platforms out there to help you generate more leads and earn more from your LinkedIn profile. One such multi-channel outbound platform is

This all-in-one solution not only helps you attract new customers, but also automates the lead generation process, provides predictable and qualified leads, and provides detailed analytics to better understand your progress.

Thus, we can say that LinkedIn is a quality platform for disseminating information about a business in general or about a specific product. The global spread of the social network and the audience interested in finding solutions are advantages available to everyone. And thanks to a variety of promotion tools, attracting leads to increase company profits on LinkedIn is much easier than on other social networks.

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