Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends

Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Marketing, Updated On
August 17th, 2021

Doesn’t matter whether the industry type of your business is e-commerce, education, healthcare, IT, or any other, if you want to spread its wings far and wide through your website, then it becomes important to invest in digital marketing services. And when it comes to digital marketing, you cannot just begin to work on it without having a knowledge of what’s working in the current market. If we take you to a few years back, then it was a time where just a little more than a website and a Facebook page was needed in order to market a business digitally. But in the present digital landscape, there is so much a business needs to do to have a strong online presence and ultrafast voice communication suite like a walkie-talkie app. So here are suggesting some of the top 6 digital marketing trends which you can use for your business to increase ROI.

Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends –

 1. Chatbots Dominate Customer Service


A true exemplar of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, chatbots are much in trend in the present time. If your website is a digital house, then chatbots server as its concierge. It communicates with users on your behalf and helps them find a solution to their query or assist them in completing their goals. Chatbots are known to interact with customers more like a human mainly through the use of text chat windows. The technology of chatbots also supports verbal communication.

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 2. Voice Search

Just like chatbots, voice search is another technology that has been a boom in recent times. And the hype of this technology can be ascertained by the fact that voice-activated digital assistants are huge sellers in the present time; Alexa, Cortana, and Siri being some great examples of voice search technology. In this fast-paced world, people are always in a hurry, and hence, look for a quick and convenient solution. Talking about that, voice search technology helps them save a lot of time typing the keywords to search for anything.

 3. Video Is A Big Thing

If you haven’t invested your time and money in video marketing for your business, then it is high time to consider it. There is no way the text-based content can compete with the video content. When you are trying to sell products and services online, video content plays a crucial role in convincing your visitors to purchase them. Since this is a mobile-driven world where people are more into videos, it becomes very important to include video content on your website in order to impart your visitors about the products and services you’re selling.

 4. Online Reviews

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Your top-quality product or services won’t matter if your business doesn’t have good online reviews. In the present time, online reviews serve as an important source of marketing for your business. Not just this, they are also crucial in providing people with important information about your products and services. However, the reviews must be from a verified source. If you are into B2B business, make sure you have good online reviews from your clients. Whereas, in the case of B2C business, customer reviews are very important.

 5. Email Has Become a More Personalized Thing

Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends In 2020

In case you don’t know, email has become an important means of communication for billions of people who use it for personal, professional, commercial, academic, scientific, or for any other purpose. In recent years, email marketing has turned out to be an effective digital marketing practice. Unlike earlier, email marketing, in the present time, is more about personalization. Hence, it is more a digital marketing trend in 2020. Whenever a user is searching for a particular product but leaves your website without making a purchase, in that case, follow up with a demo video or a promotional prize, or some discount through a personalized email.

 6. Interactive Content Has Become Mainstream

One of the most important digital marketing trends in 2020 is interactive trends. If you’re wondering what’s interactive content, well, it is anything that can convince users to click on or interact with online. If we talk about interactive content in 2020, quizzes and polls, 360-degree videos, and augmented reality ads are some great examples.

With that being said, now you have information about the most important digital marketing trends of 2020 that you must look for. However, digital marketing is more of professional expertise that you cannot learn overnight. Hence, it is highly recommended to bring a professional digital marketing agency on board. Talking about that, you can connect with Auxesis Infotech as we’re also a leading digital marketing firm with all the expertise and resources to provide you with exceptional services.

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